MPT First to Deliver 3G network to Nanyun City, Sagaing Region

12 Jan 2018
(Yangon, 12 January 2018) MPT is pleased to announce the activation of the first 3G network in Nanyun City, Sagaing Region, in north-west Myanmar. This launch comes during the auspicious Naga Traditional New Year period 14-16 January, which celebrates the traditional change of year for the people of this region. Thousands of revellers are expected to celebrate their traditional entry into the new year donning distinct and colourful traditional clothes and engaging in cultural arts and performances along the river banks that straddle the beautiful festival grounds, praying for good weather, abundant crops and healthy domestic animals. MPT is dedicated to moving Myanmar forwards with best-in-class connectivity all around the country. As part of the upgrade in Nanyun...