Mandalay CDMA Numbers To Be Migrated

27 Jun 2017
(Yangon, 27 June 2017) – MPT is making some important changes to numbers in order to make services better with the changing telecommunications environment, and to in line with the advanced technologies today we have. As per the requirement from the Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD) numbers beginning 096xxxxxx will be re-classified as 09896xxxxxx. The change process will occur on 29th June from midnight to the 30th June early morning. Then, during a three-month interim period (from July to end of September 2017), both numbers will function. After which the old 096xxxxxx numbers will be retired and returned back to the PTD. Customers who have to old 096xxxxxx numbers will not be able use their SIM after the end of September 2017. This will ...