1. How can I buy a new SIM card as a new user?

1. CardYou can find MPT SIM cards across the country, in handset retailers, electronics shops, grocery stores, etc.

To buy a SIM card, you only need to complete the brief customer registration form and provide a copy of your identification. You’ll need to show just one of the following approved forms of identification.

  • Myanmar National Registration Card (both sides)
  • Passport (personal particulars page)
  • Myanmar Driving License
  • Student ID from Myanmar College or University
  • Local authority letter signed by local village head (with at least name, father’s name and address provided)
  • Passport (personal particulars page & visa page)

2. Topping Up

Top-ups are available as physical scratch cards which are available in retail stores and as e-top up in the following denominations: 500 Ks (only available for e-top up), 1,000 Ks, 3,000 Ks, 5,000 Ks, 10,000 Ks, 20,000 Ks and 30,000 Ks.

Please note that 1,000 Ks and 3,000 Ks top-up denominations are currently available for GSM and WCDMA only.

3. How to activate your SIM card

To activate your SIM card, insert the SIM card into your phone’s SIM slot, turn on your phone and make a call, or top-up your balance using one of our top-up cards. You will receive an SMS confirming your SIM card activation and informing you about your phone number.

Don’t forget to insert your SIM card to SIM Slot 1 or a data-enabled SIM slot to enjoy faster internet speeds!

4. Default Language Change

– Because of Default Language change to Burmese – customer will receive notifications(Message) with Burmese version only & will also see the USSD menu with Burmese version.

– If customer want to change their language default, below are the ways :-

Option – 1
Dial *106*7#

Option – 2
Dial *106*7*1# for English
Dial *106*7*2# for Burmese

As a Welcome bonus, you will receive the credits as follows:

 Initial Credit after SIM CARD activated – 500 Ks
 Top Up Amount (Ks) Within 7 Days  Bonus Amount (Ks)
 1000  –
 2000  667
 3000  1000
 4000  1600
 5000  2000
 6000  2400
 7000  2800
 8000  3200
 9000  3600
Every 10,000  4000

Terms and Conditions

The bonus is eligible for both GSM Prepaid and Postpaid user.

First Recharge Bonus can be used for on-net call (MPT to MPT), SMS (MPT to MPT) and Internet (PAYG).Bonus is valid for 30 days

You can top up either with physical scratch or with e top up.

First Recharge Bonus will be received if user make first re-charge within the first 7 Days of activation.

Bonus is valid for 30 days

Put your Sim at Sim slot 1 to have better service.

*This rate is subject to an additional 5% commercial tax starting April 1, 2016.