Crystal-clear calls with MPT's fixed line phone service

Fixed Line Phone Service

MPT’s fixed line phone service is the most reliable communication solution for your home! Stay connected with family and friends through crystal-clear calls, with no electricity required.

Installation charges

New installation

Private Phone/Government Phone/Fax Phone New Installation Charges 325,000 Ks
Advanced Charges 50,000Ks
Casual Phone (1) Day Charges 3,000 Ks
Installation Charges 20,000 Ks
PABX Phone New Installation Charges 325,000 Ks
Advance Charges 50,000 Ks
(1) Extension Installation Charges 2,000 Ks
(2) Extension Monthly fee Charges 250 Ks

Change charges

Address change

Private Phone/Government Phone/Fax Phone Shifting Charges 25,000 Ks
PABX Phone Shifting Charges 25,000 Ks
(1) Extension Shifting Charges 5,000 Ks

Name change

Private Phone Name Change Charges 50,000 Ks

Phone number change

Indicator Change Charges 150,000 Ks

Phone Type Change

Government Phone to Private Phone (if no need a new Phone line) Free (if respective government department need to a new phone line, must pay installation charges.)
Government Phone to Government Phone Free
Private Phone to Government Phone 50,000 Ks
Auto phone to Junction phone   50,000 Ks
Junction to Auto Phone 50,000 Ks
Auto Phone to Fax Phone 500Ks (only charge for monthly fee)
Auto Phone to Fax Phone Free


Value Added Services

Call Waiting (Monthly fee) 500Ks
Call Line Identification (Monthly fee) 500Ks
Call Forwarding (Monthly fee) 1,000Ks
Junction to Auto Phone 5,000Ks
3 Way Calling (Monthly Fee) 1,000 Ks

Other Services

Bill Address Charges 5,000Ks
Line Open/Close (Local/STD/IDD) 3,000Ks
Post Paid to Pre paid Free


This rate is subject to an additional 5% commercial tax starting April 1, 2016.

How to subscribe?

1. Download and complete the application form (display the form)
2. Visit your nearest exchange centre (link to addresses of exchange centres) and submit your application

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I apply Fax service in our Auto Phone?

In order to apply Fax service, please go and apply at Exchange office located at 40st.

2. If your Auto phone are not working and already informed to Exchange office but there is no action from Exchange, what can we do?

If there is no action from Exchange Office, you can call 106.

3. What are the requirements to apply new Auto Phone line?

You need to have original NRC, Permanent household schedule, Residence Proof, and Photo    (License sized). In order to have more detail, you can call 01-373155 in the office hour.

4. What are the requirements to change owner name or address of Auto Phone line?

In order to change owner name, you will cost as following:
Name Changing: 50000 MMK
Address Changing: 20000 MMK.
You need NRC Card, copy of permanent household schedule and Photo (licensed size)

5. If I want to change the six digits phone to seven digits phone number, what are the basic requirements?

In order to change the seven digits phone number, you have to go responsible exchange offices which are capable to change the phone number. You need to bring Phone owner book, copy of NRC card and Permanent household schedule.

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