Shal Pyaw

MPT on-net calls: 15Ks/min

Off-net calls: 25Ks/min

SMS: 15Ks 

Data: 8Ks/1MB


Swe Thahar

Vioce Call : 23Ks/min

SMS : 10Ks/sms

Internet: 6Ks/MB

For the customer using old tariff, simply dial *2323# to switch to Swe Thahar.


Get even closer to your loved ones thanks to MPT’s more extensive network, improved service and great rates!

Voice Promotion

Daily Unlimited Voice Package Read More

MPT is launching a voice pack that, for only 399 Kyats per day, customers can make on-net (MPT to MPT) calls to their friends and family to talk on the phone for as long as they like.

 User  Subscription
 All MPT GSM/WCDMA Users  *399#  VP1 to 1332

This rate is subject to and additional 5% commercial tax starting April 1, 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

– “Shal Pyaw” Plan offers the lowest call rate in Myanmar for all MPT users. – MPT users can connect with each other at the lowest call rate 15Ks/Min.

2. How can I subscribe to “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

– Dial *234*3# to subscribe. Subscription to “Shal Pyaw” Plan is completely free.

– For detail please click : http://mptstaging.revotechmm.com/en/shal-pyaw/

3. Who can subscribe to “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

– Active MPT GSM/WCDMA user can subscribe to “Shal Pyaw”.

4. What are the benefits of “Shal Pyaw” Plan?

– Voice call to MPT numbers : 15 Ks/Min

– Voice call to other numbers : 25 Ks/Min

– Data ( Internet ) : 8 Ks/MB – SMS : 15 Ks/SMS

5. Why “Shal Pyaw” is the recommended plan for users?

– Lowest call rate in Myanmar to connect with largest customer base in Myanmar.