English Premier League

Football lover can watch English Premier League 2022-2023 Direct (LIVE)

matches, as well as Goal of the Week, Goal Rush, and Highlight videos anytime anywhere on

“MPT IPTV” through MPT mobile network without subscription fees.

For affordable data rate dial *2022# to purchase IPTV Pack


  • IPTV pack 999 

    Price : 999 ks

    Data : 1000 MB

    Vadility : 3 days

    Direct USSD : *2022*1# 

    SMS : Send SMS IPTV1 to 1331 

    App : MPT4U (or) MPT Pay

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  • IPTV pack 1999 

    Price : 1999 ks

    Data : 3000 MB

    Vadility : 7 days

    Direct USSD : *2022*2# 

    (SMS) :Send SMS IPTV2 to 1331 

    App  : MPT4U (or) MPT Pay

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The Channels that can be watched English Premier League on MPT IPTV

Sports 6_00001-live
Sports 1_00001
Sports 2_00001
Sports 3_00001
Sports 5_00001
Sports 4_00001
4 Feb
5 Feb


1. What is EPL (English Premier League)?

EPL is the top-level football league in England, which is one of the most popular football leagues in the world – 20 clubs have weekly matches for 38 weeks. It will last until May 2022.

2. What is EPL on MPT IPTV?

MPT IPTV is providing EPL live streaming, VOD of Goals of the week and VOD of Goal Rush through of MPT mobile network with no subscription fees. Beside EPL, user can enjoy a wide variety of local and international TV channels and video contents on MPT IPTV as well.

3. How to get MPT IPTV?

MPT IPTV has not only Android application and iOS application but also mobile web version. User can download it on Google Play Store and App Store by search key “MPT IPTV”. As for MPT users, you can download it from Lo Ta Ya ( https://lotaya.mpt.com.mm/event/268 ) for Android and it will be data charges free with MPT mobile network. (OR) Dial *7373# is the easiest way to get the links via SMS.

4. Why do MPT provide this service?

MPT keeps offering our valued customers better experiences on their mobile lives, as the only national and the largest telecom-operator in Myanmar. English Premier League is the most popular football match in the world and Myanmar. By providing these unique and amazing services, we believe that we can contribute customers’ satisfaction.

5. What is the benefit of providing this for MPT customers?

MPT Customers can watch English Premier League matches on live streaming, SKYNET SPORTS-6 (24/7) and SPORTS 1 for WORLD CUP match related programs and many VOD (“Video on Demand”) contents, such as, highlights and some English Premier League related programs (“Goal of the week” and “Goal Rush”).

Customers can enjoy those contents whenever, wherever, with their mobile phone (through MPT mobile network).

6. How to watch those live streaming and VOD contents?

Users can watch it via “MPT IPTV” application, available for Android (5.0 or more), or App Store for IOS (9.0 or more) or mobile web version (https://iptv.mpt.com.mm/). Users also can enjoy it via “MPT4U” application or web version by clicking on “MPT IPTV” icons which show on service icons area.

7. Can users play English Premier League live streaming or VOD via Wi-Fi network or other mobile networks?

No, it’s only available through MPT mobile network.

8. I can watch other TV channels and VOD contents from MPT IPTV for 99 Kyats per day with other internet connection / Wifi but why not watch English Premier League content. Why?

English Premier League match related content can only be viewed on MPT mobile internet, so other internet connection / Wifi users could not enjoy English Premier League content on MPT IPTV.

Bill and Payment

9. Are there any subscription fees to watch live streaming and VOD?

No subscription nor the fee is required to watch English Premier League contents. Just open the application through MPT mobile network and play video. (Data charge is applied as usual)

10. How can customers optimize the data fee?

MPT has initiated this pack for the cost effectiveness and convenience of Myanmar football lovers, “IPTV Pack” comes in two different types and customers can choose the type that suits the best with their needs.
The types are as follow-

Type (Inc.Tax)PriceDataValiditySMS USSD App
IPTV Pack  999999 ks1000MB3 daysSend SMS IPTV1 to 1331*2022*1# MPT4U (or) MPT Pay (or)
Other Pay Applications
IPTV Pack 19991999 ks3000MB7 daysSend SMS IPTV2 to 1331*2022*2# MPT4U (or) MPT Pay (or)
Other Pay Applications

 ***only for MPT IPTV usage


11. What is the quality of live streaming and VOD?

For mobile version, it is available in 1K HD (1280*720P) and SD (720*576P).

12. How can I choose the streaming quality of video for watching?

The app has adaptive streaming and automatically selects the best quality available according to the network speed to ensure a buffering-free experience.

13. How can I do if stops playing?

Please check network connection first and restart/reopen the App. If the problem is still not solved, please contact customer service for further support.

14. How can I do if video quality is not good?

Video quality is different due to many reasons. Possible reasons:

  • Buffer and latency are usually caused by network issues. Please refer to the network bandwidth suggestions and check your network quality.
  • Resolution is not as high as expected: when you are watching the live channels on App/web, you can manually change the resolution to HD for better experience.

15. What should I do if a technical problem occurs while enjoying contents on MPT IPTV service?

Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of application, if the issue keeps happen, please record the error code, and share with customer service.

16. How can I do there no sound when enjoying contents on MPT IPTV service?

Please check if you have turned on the sound. If the problem keep happened, please contact customer service for issue report.

17. How can I exit full-screen mode while enjoying MPT IPTV service on app/web?

For App/web, please click return button to exit.

18. How should I do if you can't watch the video with my current browser?

If you can’t watch the video with your current browser, please use Chrome.


19. Can I watch IPTV Mobile service with my MPT mobile data bonus?

No, kindly note that MPT mobile bonus cannot be used for watching IPTV service. Your IPTV data usage will be charged from your current data pack/main balance as per your current plan. You may not be able to access the MPT IPTV app on MPT mobile network if you do not have balance remaining in your data pack or main balance.

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