Myanmar Notional Leagues Live Football matches, Myanmar subtitled International movies and Live Channels can be enjoyed at MPT IPTV with the most affordable price.


Watch TV on your Mobile Phone with “MPT IPTV” anytime anywhere.

If MPT FTTH or Wifi is available, MPT IPTV can be enjoyed without mobile data consumption with 99 ks per day of subscription by sending keyword ON to 7373 as SMS short message.
Moreover, MPT IPTV app also has a “Catch-up Function” that allows you to watch TV programs what you are missing.


MNL Packages

  • MNL Pack (1)

    Price : 999 Ks

    Data : 1,000 MB (IPTV Only)

    Validity : 3 Days

    USSD : *2023*1#

    SMS : Send MNL1 to 1331

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  • MNL Pack (2)

    Price : 1999 Ks

    Data : Unlimited (IPTV Only)

    Validity : 5 Days

    USSD : *2023*2#

    SMS : Send MNL2 to 1331

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  • MNL Pack (3)

    Price : 4999 Ks

    Data : Unlimited (IPTV Only)

    Validity : 15 Days

    USSD : *2023*3#

    SMS : Send MNL3 to 1331

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Terms & Conditions(MNL Data Pack)

1. The purchased Data Pack can only be used in the MPT IPTV Application.။

2. Data Pack validity will vary based on the type of package that you purchased.

3. After the purchased Data Pack has been used or the applicable data period has expired, the respective purchased Data Pack (or Pay-as-You-Go) will be disconnected.

4. MNL Unlimited Pack and MNL Limited Pack cannot be purchased again if a user is still valid on previously purchased MNL Unlimited Pack.

5. VPN must be off while watching MPT IPTV.

Local Channel

International Channel

Famous Movies

Apart from TV channels, MPT IPTV also includes a variety of video-on-demand contents including international and local movies, drama shows, documentaries and kids’ programs.

Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Question

About Us

1. What is MPT IPTV service?

MPT IPTV service is a video streaming service that offers a wide variety of local and international TV channels and video contents.

Getting Started

2. How can I watch MPT IPTV?

You can watch MPT IPTV via Android application, iOS application and mobile web version (Only support for Android’s browser).
• For Android application, please get it from below link

• For iOS application, please visit iOS app store and search with “MPT IPTV” (or) click here

• For mobile web version, please click via (or)

• Lo Ta Ya Link (or) by dialing *7373#

3. Is subscription on the app/web compulsory?

You can enjoy contents as “non-subscription user” without subscribing to the service if you on MPT mobile network.  However, some features will not be available for non-subscription user , Download VoD option is only available on subscription, without subscription cannot download VoD Customers on network other than MPT mobile cannot watch without subscription.

4. How do I subscribe MPT IPTV?

If you are using MPT mobile network, the app/web will automatically identify your number but will be treated as non-subscription users. As non-subscription users, you can enjoy contents on app/web with MPT mobile network. But some features will not be available. (Eg., Download VOD contents and enjoying IPTV service with other network only possible after subscription)

If you are using non-MPT mobile network or WiFi, you cannot enjoy the contents without subscription. You need to proceed subscription in order to enjoy contents via non-MPT mobile network or WiFi. For subscribing MPT IPTV service in mobile application, we will charge you through your top-up balance amount of your MPT mobile phone number which you use for MPT IPTV service registration.
You can subscribe to the MPT IPTV via its application for non-MPT mobile networks or WiFi.
1) If you want to get MPT IPTV service via SMS, you can send ON to 7373.

2) If you want to get MPT IPTV service from Web / App :
i. Firstly, please ensure you have already “sign-in” to the app/web. Go to “Account” page of the app to check this
a. If the “Account” page displays your mobile number, it means you have already signed-in
b. If the page asks to sign-in, kindly click “sign-in”, add your MPT mobile number, accept T&C and proceed to receive OTP. Enter OTP to sign-in successfully
ii. Once you have “sign-in” to the app, you can proceed by click on “Subscription Management” button on “Account” page of the App/web
iii. Click on “Subscribe” button
iv. Fill in your MPT mobile number and click to get the service button
v. You will receive an OTP code from 7373 shortcode and fill that OTP for the subscription process.
vi. If OTP is correct, you will receive a “Thank you” message from 7373 and, then you can enjoy the MPT IPTV service.

5. Can I use the service outside of Myanmar?

The MPT IPTV is only available within Myanmar territory.

6.What is the minimum Android version and iOS version browser version to install MPT IPTV application? Which browser do you recommend using for the MPT IPTV application?

For Android phone, Android 5.0 and above
For iOS phone, iOS 9.0 and above
Would like to recommend using Chrome browser.

7. What is the available resolution to watch in MPT IPTV application?

For mobile version, it is available in 1K HD (1280*720P) & SD (720*576P).

8. What is the recommended network strength to use MPT IPTV application?

For mobile version, you need to use stable mobile or wifi network with 4 mbps download speed.

Billing and Payments

9. What is the price plan for using MPT IPTV service in mobile?

If you use IPTV service as non-subscription users with MPT mobile network, data charges will be applied. Download VOD feature is not available on non-subscription.

If you use non-MPT mobile network or WIFI, you need to subscribe with 99 Ks/day. You can download VODs as add-on features. (Download VODs only available on App, not available on Web)

10. How can I make the payment for subscribing MPT IPTV service in mobile?

For subscribing MPT IPTV service in mobile application, we will charge you through your top-up balance amount of your mobile phone number which you used for MPT IPTV service registration. (Please see how to subscribe the service via app at Question No. 4)

11. How can I unsubscribe MPT IPTV service for mobile?

For unsubscribing MPT IPTV service in mobile application, you can proceed by click on “Subscription Management” button on “Account” page of the App & Web (or) You can also send OFF to 7373 via SMS.

Product and Service

12.How many TV channels and movies are included in MPT IPTV service?

You can watch around 18 local and international TV channels.
And can also watch 660+ programs with 1000 hours of popular movies and TV shows.

We will continue to add more TV channels and VoD content in the application.

13. What is the TV channels list which are available in MPT IPTV service?

Local Channels
1. Channel 9
2. Mahar Bawdi
3. Channel K
4. YTV
5. 5 Plus
6. MRTV Entertainment
7. Fortune TV
8. Mahar

International Channels
1. Tech Strom TV HD
2. Miao Mi
3. NHK World
4. CCTV-4
6. CGTN-Documentary

14.Can I enjoy IPTV service with my mobile data bonus?

Unfortunately, IPTV service cannot be enjoyed with your mobile data bonus.

App Features

15. How can I choose the streaming quality of video for watching?

The app has adaptive streaming and automatically selects the best quality available according to the network speed to ensure a buffering-free experience.

16. Where can I find the settings on the app?

You can find the settings under “Account” tab in the bottom.

17.Where can I find and manage my subscription on the app?

You can find “Subscription Management” under “Account” tab and can manage your subscription.

18.Where can I change app system language?

You can find language setting under “Account” tab as “English/မြန်မာ” and can change your app system language.

19.Can I download movies in MPT IPTV application?

Yes, you can download movies in MPT IPTV mobile application
After you downloaded a movie, you can watch it in “Downloads” under “Library”.
This feature is only available for subscription users

20.How long can I keep downloaded movies in MPT IPTV mobile app?

You can keep 30 days of downloaded movies in MPT IPTV mobile app.

21.Can I watch the previous TV channels programs?
You can re-watch programs on TV channels within 7 days with the catch-up function.

21.Where can I watch previous TV channels programs?

From the “menu” icon of each channel, you can go to channel details. And then, based on the date tab, you can find the previous TV programs for that channel.

Technical Support

22.How can I do if video stops playing?

Please check network connection first and restart/reopen the App. If the problem is still not solved, please contact customer service for further support.

23.How can I do if video quality is not good?

Video quality is different due to many reasons. Possible reasons:
•Buffer and latency are usually caused by network issues. Please refer to the network bandwidth suggestions and check your network quality.
•Resolution is not as high as expected: when you are watching the live channels on App/web, you can manually change the resolution to HD for better experience.

24.What should I do if a technical problem occurs while enjoying contents on MPT IPTV service?

Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of application, if the issue keeps happen, please record the error code, and share with customer service.

25.How can I do there no sound when enjoying contents on MPT IPTV service?

Please check if you have turned on the sound. If the problem keep happened, please contact customer service for issue report.

26.How can I exit full-screen mode while enjoying MPT IPTV service on app/web?

For App/web, please click return button to exit.

27.Why can’t I use the service with Wifi or other networks after subscribing?

If such issue occurs, kindly try changing the network and then try using the IPTV service again.
If the issue is happening only on single network, kindly check with your network service provider
If the issue happens on all networks, please record the error, and share with our customer service (106).

28.How should I do if you can't watch the video with my current browser?

If you can’t watch the video with your current browser, please use Chrome.

29. Can bonus data be used to watch MPT IPTV?

Bonus data cannot be used to watch MPT IPTV.

Contact Us

1. How can I get support for MPT IPTV service?

Dial “106” to our customer care hotline for immediate assistance.
MPT Customers: Dial 106/2800
Non MPT Customers: 01-2399106/01-8652800
Please check the available time at MPT website from below link

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