MLBB Bang Bang Cashback

For customers of Mobile Legends Bang Bang game, every time you buy Mobile Legends Data Pack , you will get 450 MB of data + 14 Mobile Legends Diamonds as well as 450 kyats of cash back. Now let’s buy the MLBB data pack to play your favorite MLBB games.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is an exciting mobile game with millions of players all over the world. You can also join the fun and play online with your friends.

2. How can I download Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

3. Can I use this pack for regular data usage such as browsing Facebook or watching YouTube?

The data quota bundles are only for Mobile Legends. Any usage other than Mobile Legends will be charged as per applicable data pack or Pay-go rates.

4. Is the price of the pack (949 Ks) inclusive of taxes?

Yes. The pack price is inclusive of taxes.

5. My Mobile Legends data quota 450 MB is over. Can I continue to play?

Yes! You can continue playing Mobile Legends for as long as you want. If your Mobile Legends data quota or 30-day validity is over, you will simply be charged as per the applicable data pack/ Pay-go rates.

6. Do I need to be on MPT network to enjoy this benefit?

Yes, you need to be on MPT network to enjoy Mobile Legends data provided as part of this data pack.

7. Is there any restriction to the number of Mobile Legends Data Packs that I can buy?

No. There is no limitation to the number of Mobile Legends Data Packs that you can buy.

8. Will left over data carry over to the next Mobile Legends Data Packs?

Yes. Data quota will be merged, and validity will be extended to latest one.

9. I am having trouble redeeming the code provided. What can I do?

Visit Or the URL provided in SMS and perform the following steps:
Step 1 – Enter:
1. Code sent to you via SMS
2. Your Mobile Legends Game ID
Step 2 – Click on
“Send” to receive the Verification Code in your in-game mailbox
Step 3 -Enter:
The Verification Code and click Redeem
You will receive the diamonds in your Mobile Legends account
If this is not clear, reach out to MPT or Mobile Legends support:
o For issues related to data quota or not receiving the codes – Call 106 for MPT support
o For issues related to the Mobile Legends app or redeeming of codes – reach out to Mobile Legends support: [email protected]

10. My bill deduction happens not only from MLBB data-pack but from main/other data packages. Why?

You need to disable VPN application firstly before you start entering the game. If not, you may be deducted from main balance/other data packages.

Bang Bang Cashback Promotion

1) What is ‘Bang Bang Cashback’ Promotion?

‘Bang Banag Cashback’ promotion is a dedicated program to our MPT gamers who is purchasing MLBB data-package. All MPT MLBB data-package users can have the chance to enjoy in this promotion.

2) What are the additional benefits to the user from this ‘Bang Bang Cashback’ Promotion?

User can enjoy winning internet data (450MMK) which is equivalent/same with the internet data MB as per the Pay-as-you go rate.

3) When the benefits will be delivered to the user?

It will be delivered to the user shortly after he/she purchase MLBB data-package. User will get the notification SMS into his mobile.

4) Which kind of internet data will be able to use from this ‘Bang Bang Cashback’ Promotion? Is that only for playing Mobile Legends game?

Yes. It is only for playing Mobile Legends game.

5) Can I play other games with this ‘Bang Bang Cashback’ Promotional data?

No. You can’t play other games or use Facebook from this ‘Bang Bang Cashback data. It’s dedicated only for playing Mobile Legends game.

6) What is the validity for this ‘Bang Bang Cashback’ data?

Validity is 5 days.

7) Where can I check this ‘Bang Bang Cashback’ data information after I win?

You can simply check in MPT4U app or by dialing *224#.

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