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Indian Tadka fine dining & bar, the renowned fine dining in Yangon, Mandalay, and Bangkok, with exquisite display of India culture, tradition, and food, made to feel at home with large sitting arrangements and bar along with luxurious Private Dining’s. Indian MasterChef’s cooking the authentic, using original spices, all from India.
Tons of Indian Tadka Branches are the proof of tremendous customer base and try to make you Happy by the hospitality provided.
Visit once to get the feel.

Promotion Days                 – Every day
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2,000 points = Voucher2000pts

2,500 points = Voucher2500pts

3,500 points = Voucher3500pts

4,000 points = Voucher4000pts

4,500 points = Voucher4500pts

5,000 points = Voucher5000pts

AreaExchangeMigration Start DateExisting auto telephone numberNew auto telephone number
Shan State (North)Momeik Exchange27-05-2022086-2245xxx086-4745xxx
Rakhine StateRathedaung Exchange10-06-2022043-59xxx043-4759xxx
Minbya Exchange14-06-2022043-75xxx043-4775xxx
Shan State (North)Hopang Exchange15-06-2022082-74xxx082-4674xxx
Rakhine StateAnn Exchange16-06-2022043-80xxx043-4780xxx

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Point provision rate of Indian Tadka to all MPT Club Members is (1%).

For example:   1,000 Kyats = 10 points

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