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OnDoctor App is a healthcare app developed to provide better solutions for Myanmar people.

The amazing and very useful features of OnDoctor App are:

  • Online Consultation with qualified doctors from OnDoctor App
  • Online Consultation with Specialist doctors from various fields.
  • Consultation with doctors via Video Call Feature
  • Being able to learn Medical Knowledges
  • Full access to OnDoctor’s health and wellness articles and infographics

MPT Club Members will get the incredible special reward OnDoctor Points by using OnDoctor App. Incredible special reward OnDoctor Points are as follows.

၂၀၂၂ ခုနှစ်၊ စက်တင်ဘာ ၁၉ ရက်မှ ၂၅ ရက်နေ့အထိiPad mini 6 Wi-Fi (64GB)
၂၀၂၂ ခုနှစ်၊ စက်တင်ဘာလ ၂၆ မှ အောက်တိုဘာလ ၂ ရက်နေ့အထိiPhone 13 Pro (128GB)
၂၀၂၂ ခုနှစ်၊ အောက်တိုဘာလ ၃ ရက်နေ့မှ ၉ ရက်နေ့အထိSamsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 (8G RAM, 256GB ROM)
၂၀၂၂ ခုနှစ်၊ အောက်တိုဘာလ ၁၀ ရက်နေ့မှ ၁၆ ရက်နေ့အထိGold Coin (16 Full Grade) (၁၆ ပဲရည်)(1 tical ၁ ကျပ်သား)

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is only valid for MPT Club Members.
  • Promotion period is from 3rd July 2020 to 31st December 2020.
  • Those incredible special points will be credited to the OnDoctor App of this program participants within 10 working days from point purchasing date.
  • Participants can check those incredible special OnDoctor points at under the tab of point purchasing history at the OnDoctor App.
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