Special Offers for June!

MPT Special Offers!

MPT always strives to provide the best services to MPT customers and to show gratitude toward the users. In order to delight them with special promotions, MPT always offers promotions every month.

MPT would like to arrange a bunch of promotions to let MPT lovers enjoy the best deal offer in June also.

Let’s find out what benefits you would get today!

MPT Special Days in June with Lucky Prizes!


MPT would also offer amazing lucky prizes to let all MPT lovers enjoy by participating a variety of special promotions in June.

So, please look forward to participating on “MPT Special Days” which would come on every 5 included date of 5, 15 & 25 June (total 3-Days).

Up-to 555% Cash Back!


Special Flash June

June Special Flash is return for you!

 The prizes you could win in Special Days are “Up-to 555% Cash Back!

Lucky prize winners can get those chances on every Special Days of 5, 15 & 25 June.

To participate in this promotion, please subscribe for free

via *5555# starting from 1st June to 25th June 2023.

After registered above code, please still looking forward which kind of promotions and how you can participate that you can enjoy above prizes on 5, 15 & 25 June.

We would announce the promotion information to our customers.

After that, you just need to check whether you are a winner or not via confirmed SMS.

Please check below for how you can join this promotion!


With Plus 1 Hti Pauk, win upto 1000 MPT Club Points!

htipauk point 100

Plus 1 Hti Pauk Promotion

Are you a MPT4U user? The popular “+1 Hti Pauk” benefits are back with “upto MPT Club 1000 Points”! You can continue to enjoy double Hti Pauk chances within February and March. You just need to have MPT4U App to buy specified packages (Data Carry Plus & HtawB) and you can not only get regular Hti Pauk chance but also win upto 1000 MPT Club Points amazing rewards which can be redeemed with your preferred services – MPT teleco offer or MPT Club partners’ services.

Here is your special chance to win loads of MPT Club Points just by sharing MPT’s popular packages (Data Carry Plus and HtawB packs) from MPT4U.

Apart from regular Hti Pauk chance you could get by buying packs, you can also get “Plus 1 Hti Pauk” within promotion period where you can play Club Point Hti Pauk for more rewards. Pack purchase channel to join this promotion is only MPT4U App.

Let’s get 2 Hti Pauk chances now to win not only Data/HtawB Hti Pauk reward but also loads of Club Point reward.

Promotion Period – 09th February 2023 to 31 May 2023

During the promotion period, please collect as many Club Points as you can by buying eligible packs and playing extra Hti Pauk chance. MPT offers one more Hti Pauk chance for every pack buyer under the following condition.

htipauk 200

*Customers can get Plus One Hti Pauk chance not only on purchase of Auto Renewal packs but also on every auto-renewal case of purchased packs within February and March, 2023.

Are you a MPT Club member?
Many Rewards are ready for you…

  • Redeem points for MPT Teleco Services (Data/ Voice/ SMS/ HtawB Balance)
  • Redeem points for Partners’ Products or Services (Discount rate can be based on membership level)

Are you still NOT a MPT Club member?

  • Register to become an MPT Club Member and receive loads of MPT Club Points from this promotion.
  • Please dial *345# or download MPT4U App for FREE through this link: https://lotaya.mpt.com.mm/event/191

Make sure to grab this chance as it is your special opportunity! Please share this good news to your beloved ones and let’s get lucky together!

Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “+1 Hti Pauk” Promotion?

As showing appreciation to our valuable customers, MPT would like to give our MPT4U customers “(2) Hti Pauk chances” benefits for buying any Data Carry packs (or) Htaw B packs (including Auto renewal packs) by using through MPT4U App. Customers can also enjoy that (2) Hti Pauk chances for every renewing time of auto renewal packs.

PackagePrice - MMK (Tax inclusive)Main Data Quota with 30 days validity (MB)Lucky DataLucky Data Hti Pauk Benefits

Data Carry

699250Up to 1000 GB Lucky Data(2) Package Hti Pauk Chances to win
up to 1000 MPT Club Points & 200GB
(Auto Renewal)
(Auto Renewal)
(Auto Renewal)
(Auto Renewal)

ပက်ကေ့ချ်များနှုန်းထား (ကျပ်) ကုန်သွယ်ခွန်ပါဝင်ပြီးထောဘီ ဖုန်းဘေလ် (ကျပ်) နှင့် သက်တမ်းထပ်ဆောင်းထိပေါက်

5X Htaw B

1,0005,000 (15 days)

ထိတိုင်းထော (ထောဘီထိပေါက်)
ကစားခွင့်(၂) ကြိမ်ဖြင့်
Club Points 1000 pts နှင့် ထောဘီဖုန်းဘေလ် အဆပေါင်း ၁၀၀ ထိ

2,00010,000 (30 days)
5,00025,000 (60 days)
980(Auto-Renewal)5,000 (15 days)
1,960(Auto-Renewal)10,000 (30 days)
4,900(Auto-Renewal)25,000 (60 days)

7X Htaw B

1,1117,777(15 days)
2,22215,554 (30 days)
5,5553,8885 (60 days)
1,107 (Auto-renewal)7,777(15 days)
2,207 (Auto-renewal)15,554 (30 days)
5,517 (Auto-renewal)3,8885 (60 days)

All in One 10X Htaw B

300030,000 (15 days)
500050,000(30 days)
10000100,000 (90 days)
2900 (Auto-renewal)30,000 (15 days)
4800 (Auto-renewal)50,000(30 days)
9600 (Auto-renewal)100,000 (90 days)

2. Who can be eligible to participate in the event?

MPT GSM/WCDMA prepaid active users (Swe Thahar) can participate in the event. Postpaid, CDMA, Base Tariff users and non-active users are not eligible to participate.

3. How can I participate this promotion?

You can participate by subscribing any Data Carry (or) Htaw B 5X, 7X, 10X packs (including Auto Renewal packs) at MPT4U App to enjoy 2X Hti Pauk Chance benefits. Also, every auto renewing time from Auto Renew channel can get (2) Hti Pauk Chances.

4. What kind of extra benefits can I get for purchasing from MPT4U App & Auto Renewing time at Auto Renewal channel?

  • Every user can get (2) Hti Tine Htaw Hti Pauk chances on every purchase of any Htaw B (5X, 7X, 10X) packs (including Auto Renew Packs) from MPT4U App & 2nd time onwards purchase from Auto Renew channel to win up to 1000 MPT Club Points & 100 times Htaw B Balance.
  • Every user can get (2) chances on every purchase of any Data Carry packs (including Auto Renew Packs) from MPT4U App & 2nd time onwards purchase from Auto Renew channel to win up to 1000 MPT Club Points & 200GB data bonus.

5. How can I use for Htaw B Balance from Hti Tine Htaw?

Htaw B Balance from “Hti Tine Htaw” (Htaw B Hti Pauk) Lucky Draw can be used for MPT to MPT Voice, SMS and Data according to respective validity with same rates as 5X Htaw B pack (data 10.7Ks/MB, MPT-MPT calls 32.5Ks/min, MPT-MPT SMS 20Ks).

6. how long can I use for “Hti Pauk” data reward?

Data prize from package Hti Pauk Lucky Draw is (7) days validity.

7. What is the validity of Hti Pauk Chance?

The Hti Pauk chance will be expired on 23:59:59 of the day that was received the chance and can not be carried over next day.

8. Can I subscribe packs via MPT4U several times? Can I get multiple times of Hti Pauk Chance Benefits?

Multi-subscription is allowed. You can get double Hti Pauk Chances benefits for multiple times when any Data Carry & Htaw B packs purchase via MPT4U and whenever 2nd time onward auto renewal time. (Remark: Shall continue to apply existing rules of Regular DCP, AR DCP, Htaw B 5 X, Htaw B 7X, AR Htaw B 7X, Htaw B 10X, AR Htaw B 10X)

9. I bought Auto Renewal [email protected] pack in MPT4U. Can I get the “(2) Hti Pauk Chance” Benefit?

Yes, you can get “(2) Hti Pauk” Chances for purchasing via MPT4U App.

10. I have purchased a renewal package with MPT4U. Can I get two Hti Pauk Chances when auto renewal time?

Yes, Customers can receive “(2) Hti Pauk” Chances for 2nd time onward every auto renewal time.

11. I bought 10000 Kyats 10X Htaw B Package Purchased through USSD. But I did not get 2X Hti Pauk Chances. Why?

Users can enjoy (1) Hti Pauk Chance benefit for purchasing though USSD channel.

12. Auto Renew Data Carry I bought via MPT4U for the first time and got 2 Hti Pauk Chances already. Can I get “2 Hti Pauk Chances” again when I buy Auto Renewal Htaw B 10X Package via MPT4U for second time?

Yes, you can enjoy multiple times of Double Hti Pauk Chances benefits for every time purchase from eligible MPT4U channel.

13. How can I use MPTClub Points I got from Plus 1 Hti Pauk Promotion?

Your Earned Points can be used to redeem DATA, Voice, SMS, Cashback Rewards as well as point collaboration partner shops.

14. Can get “(2) Hti Pauk Chances" benefit when I gift a friend Regular Data Carry package?

Yes, If you gift package to another MPT customer, the recipient of the gift package will have “2 Hti Pauk chances” benefits.

We will be back with more exciting offers soon! Please wait for it..

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