[ Date : July 10, 2023 ]
[ Reference No: COO_001]
[ Project Name:Cleaning Service for 14 HQ Offices in Yangon]

Dear Valued Partners

MPT JO procurement would like to invite you to the following project.

Project Name
Cleaning Service for 14 HQ Offices in Yangon
Yangon only
Other Remarks :
Purcahse order (PO) and payment currency will be applied via Myanamr Kyats basic.
Company Size :
Vendor can handle estimate Cleaning Service amount for-USD 200K and/or equivalent MMK

If you are interested in this project, please kindly send your “ Expression of Interest”

and you must complete registering the required information after putting this button by  July 24, 2023

This tender requires the following capabilities
* Your company has the similar experience in the telecom field
(you need to describe the specific Operator name.)

Based on your information, we may judge whether we will send Pre-Qualification based on our credit assessment.

If you want to know more details, please send the email to [email protected]

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