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Published 15 Dec 2022

Two Homes For Aged Received The Contribution From MPT As Part of Myanmar Women’s Day Promotion

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text](Yangon, 15th December 2022)- As a true local operator, MPT is always looking for a way to enhance the daily life of its customers and to support the community in the best way. With the aim of appreciating to customer...

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Published 14 Dec 2022

Telecom Operators Announce Importance of SIM Re-registration


(Yangon, 14th Decemb...

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Published 28 Nov 2022

Auto-Telephone Numbers Will Be Changed As Exchanges Are Already Upgraded

(Yangon, 28th November 2022) – MPT announced today that in order to improve quality and provide better serv...

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Published 18 Nov 2022

MPT Unveils “Gabar Pha Lar Ballone” Special Pack

(Yangon, 18th November 2022) _ MPT has launched an exciting “Gabar Pha Lar Ballone” special pack which enab...

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Published 16 Nov 2022

MPT Customers Can Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2022 (LIVE) Matches On MPT IPTV Without Requiring Any Subs...

Special Offers Will Be Coming Soon For Myanmar Football Lovers during World Cup Period. (Yangon, 16th Novem...

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Published 11 Nov 2022

MPT Initiates Nationwide Activity In Donating To Home For The Aged/Orphanages/Monasteries In Comm...

(Yangon,11th November 2022) _ By showing MPT’s dedication to Myanmar people and its commitment of “အတူလက်တွ...

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Published 04 Nov 2022

MPT Supports MasterChef All Stars As A Main Sponsor In Searching For The Best Cooks In Myanmar

(Yangon, 4th November 2022) _ MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator will be a main s...

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Published 04 Nov 2022

Purchase “Auto-Renewal A Kyite Pyaw +” and Make On-Net Calls With Cheaper Rate

(Yangon, 4th November 2022)- With an intention of MPT customers to save expense and to offer the convenient...

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Published 03 Nov 2022

MPT Club Members Can Enjoy AR YU INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL’s Medical Packages During Tazaungdaing Pe...

(Yangon, 3rd November 2022) – MPT, the first and leading telecommunications operator in Myanmar, has teamed...

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