Popular Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the charges for Ring Tune service?

  •  Tune buffet ( Unlimited ringtune) will be charged 100 ks(including tax) for 1 day
  •  Monthly service will be charged 1050 Ks (including tax) for 30 days.
  •  Weekly service will be charged 300 Ks (including tax) for 7 days.
  •  Daily service will be charged 47 Ks (including tax) for one day.
  • Tune charges are 315 Ks (including tax) for 30 days for each tune
  •  Daily Subscription and tune service with 47 ks/day of subscription fee and 13ks/day for each tune as tune fee

2. How can I activate Ring Tune service?

You can activate Ring Tune service by following methods.
• Call 7979 (call will be free of charge) from your MPT number and follow the instructions to choose your favorite tune
• SMS: send REG M to 7979 for monthly service, send REG W to 7979 for weekly service or send REG D to 7979 for daily service, or send REG S to 7979 for daily subscription and Tune Service
• Send an SMS with the tune id of the song you would like to buy buy to 7979. Example: buy 0001110010
• Dial *7979# and select your favorite tune”

3. How can I deactive Ring Tune service?

• Call 7979 (call will be free of charge) and go to “my account section” then choose to deactivate (or)
• You can type UNR and send SMS to 7979 (or)
• You can click Unsubscribe button for CRBT in MPT4U app (or)
• Dial *7979# and go to account section to unsubscribe the service (or)
• Call 106 customer care IVR

4. Where can the Name Tune service be obtained?

You must subscribe Name Tune application and purchased at LoTaYa webpage: https://mpt.com.mm/en/name-tune-service/

5. I scratched my top-up card and numbers are damage and I can't top up, what should I do?

If your top up card include QR Code
please scan the QR Code in MPT4U app for top up.
If you still facing difficulities please write down your phone number, registration name, registraion NRC number on the paper and take photo with damage top up card and send to us via Tu Tu Chat at “Chat with Agent”.

6. How can we check our registered SIM Cards with my name?

Customer can check dialing * 601 # and if customer’s SIM registration information is not correct, Customers can update the information at MPT 4U Application or care.mpt.com.mm or visit MPT Own Shop in their respective township to get help with SIM registration.

7. I lost my SIM Card. How should I do?

You should go to the MPT Own Shops by bringing orginal NRC,
contract (if you have) and you need to tell 3 recent calls.

8. How can I check my package balance in MPT4U new version?

You can check via Side Bar Menu-> Manage Account-> History-> Account Detail.

9. What are Autorenewal Kyite Yar Khaw Packages?

Autorenewal Kyite Yar Khaw Packages are voice package to talk more family, beloved ones, and friends with affordable price, and can make MPT to any local calls when the remaining voice minutes reaches less than 5 minutes (or) when the package expires, it will be automatically renewed, so you can save time and enjoy continuously. Every time you buy packages, you will get a chance to play Hti Pauk and win up to 200GB

10. How can I purchase auto renewal Data Carry Plus packs?

You can purchase the auto renewal Data Carry Plus package in the MPT4U Application. You can purchase through the “Auto Renewal” page in the MPT4U application or access the “Pack Purchase ” page and choose the package of your choice.

11. I do not want to deduct with PAYG rate from my main balance or loan balance for any kinds of Data usage. I want to deduct from purchased data packages. What do I need ?

MPT has introduced new Data Carry Plus packages with auto renew function, no longer have to buy data every time and keep enjoying promotion rate whenever the data is used up. When a customer purchases specific Data Carry Plus packages by subscribing autorenewal function and the balance reaches less than 50 MB, these packages will be automatically renewed without the need to choose and buy again. Like the normal Data Carry Plus packages, customers can get Hti Pauk chance, win up to 1000GB lucky data and the unused data balance will be carried forward within 7 days after expiry. This plan will be available for only the Data Carry Plus Packages; 979Ks pack and 1279Ks packs.
979ks =470MB > SUBSCRIBE :* 777*3*3# ,
1279ks = 615MB > SUBSCRIBE : *777*4*3#

12. I exchanged Htaw B phone Bill with my balance. I expected that my balance will be increased. But my balance was deducted. Why?

While you are using Any-net call, Any-net SMS or Pay As You Go data, your exchange Htaw B balance will be deducted first.
Package purchasing, Subscriptions to VAS services will be deducted from your main balance and will be charged according to user’s existing Tariff Price Plan (Swe Thahar )
In addition, when the exchanged Htaw B Balance runs out, it will be deducted from main balance according to user’s Price Plan or Package if users have.

13. My bill is consumed so fast. How to check details usage? How to limit the data usage ?

You can check your balance by dialing *224# or check your data usage in MPT4U application. In the settings, set a “Data Limit”, and you will save your data and the data amount can be restricted.

14. The balance has been recently topped up and the balance showed "0", Why?

Because you took the loan service ( Yu Htar+ ) and every time you top up your balance will be deducted from the amount what you have loaned before.
Note – Depends on your balance, the loan amount and service fee would be charged in fully or partially at your next top up.
You can check the balance of the subscription + service by dialing * 800 * 7 #. You can also check by sending Debt to 8000. If you want to check your loan amount, you can dial * 800 * 5 #.

15. I cannot borrow 800 Kyats, can you check it?

Your SIM activation should be more than 30 days on MPT network.
You need to have minimum top-up amount of 3000 Ks in last 90 days.

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