Popular Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I getting SIM registration notification messages (SMS)?

Users are receiving text message following reasons.
1.Registering using invalid credentials.
2. Though entered with full name and registration number , but front/back photo of registration are not submitted clearly and correctly.
3. Although registered in Burmese language, name or region code or township code or Registration type or registration number were wrongly registered.
4. Although the information is correct, users used English language while doing registration.

2. How can I check either my current SIM card is correctly registered or not? If necessary, how can I modify?

‘Customer can check by dialing *601# . First, you will receive a confirmation text (SMS) that your registration information request was successful. Soon after, you will receive another text (SMS) with the information that the phone number you checked is registered with which name and identification card number. Customers can amend their information at MPT 4U Application or MPT’s Customer Selfcare Website care.mpt.com.mm (or) Customers can visit MPT Own Shop in their relevant township and get assistace for Sim Registration. (Customer need to bring NRC/ Passport original)

3. What is a “Yu Htar DATA” service?

‘MPT’s “Yu Htar DATA” service, which allows you to borrow data pack from MPT when you are facing low balance, in case of emergencies and in situations where it is not easy to purchase data. You can take loan for each 350, 470, 615, 860, 1290, 2160. You can take the service by dialing *900# or MPT4U application and can check the outstanding loan amount and eligibility for loan amount as well.

4. How to check the balance checking?

Please dial *224# for more details about remaing balance and packags. Besides, you can check the balance via MPT4U APP ( MPT4UAPP -> Side Bar Menu -> Manage Account -> History ) or TuTuChat ( TuTuChat icon from MPT4U APP or “Chat with Agent” at MPT Official Website ).

5. How can I subscribe Ring Tune and NameTune Service?

You can get Ring Tune service by dialing *7979# and following the instructions. You can get the service after sending an SMS. Send SMS to 7979 REG M for Monthly payment, REG W for Weekly payment, REG D for Daily Payment. Download MPT Ring Tune App and then you can get Ring Tune service and Name Tune Service both. Other than, we can get Name Tune service by calling MPT 106.

6. How can we get the B2B service?

There are 2 types of B2B service; business fiber internet service and mobile service. In order to apply for commercial fiber internet service, it is necessary to have a company registration (or ) business license (or), if an employee, a certificate of employment. Users must be 2 or more users or 2 SIM cards or more are required.
You can easily apply for MPT B2B Mobile plans by having an employee card, proof of employee status and national identity card.
For more information, visit https://mpt.com.mm/en/business-home/#fixed-line-services (or call B2B hotline 0800 800 9990 (Free of Charge for MPT Subscribers) and 09426000323 (for Any Other Operators).

7. What is Special Offer?

MPT Users have different usage patterns and so different special programs are arranged for MPT Users everyday. Please check by dailing *555# or *2006# daily, to find out Daily Special programs or to purchase Special Data/Voice/Htaw B/ SMS packages. For the additional package offer or extended promotions or other interesting special programs,We can check for Special Voice/ Htaw B/ Data packages at *555# & MPT4U or for Voice/Data/SMS packages at *2006#.

8. What is Special Flash Sales?

Start from the 1st Day of the month, MPT user can dial*5555# and then on 5,15, 25 days, user can get special offer. MPT GSM/WCDMA prepaid current users can participate.

9. How Can I receive MPT Club points?

There are 4 ways to collect MPT Club points.
1) MPT points will be added to customers’ wallet daily with the relevant points calculation based on the usage of MPT mobile services. Subscribers will get points based on their member levels and the previous day usage. (Usage means that the amount of money which customer spend for making all transactions from main phone bill wallet. It includes Pay as you go, Packages, Service subscription fees (SDP, IDD and VAS service)).
2) Play Daily Hti Pauk
3) As a reward from promotional campaigns conducted by MPT
4) Purchase MPT Club partner products (or) services

10. How can I check my outstanding loan for Yu-Htar+ service?

1) Dial to *800*7#
2) Dial *800# -> other options -> For debt info
3) Send Debt to 8000 over SMS
4) Check through MPT4U application

11. I lost my Sim Card, How should I do?

You should go to the MPT Own Shops by bringing orginal NRC, contract (if you have) and you need to tell 3 recent calls.

12. What is regular and Auto Renewal Packs of Data Carry plus? Who are eligible to buy package?

Regular Data Carry Plus are the special data packages which can be use the data with carryover function (Package quota)– 30 Days validity. Also, can win up to 1000GB Lucky data bonus for any data streaming. Regular package prices starts from 250MB for 699ks,…. to 13030MB for 26999ks.
When a customer purchases autorenewal function and the balance reaches less than 50 MB, these packages will be automatically renewed without the need to choose and buy again. Just like the normal Data Carry Plus packages, customers can get Hti Pauk chance, win up to 1000GB lucky data and the unused data balance will be carried forward within 7 days after expiry. Auto Renewal packs prices starts from 979ks for 470MB ,…. to 8959ks for 4330MB. You can purchase by dailing *777# or MPT4U Apps.
– MPT GSM/WCDMA prepaid and postpaid users (Swe Thahar) can subscribe Data Packs. CDMA, Base Tariff users and non-active users are not eligible to subscribe.

13. What is Regular and Auto Renewal Kyaik Yar Khaw Packs? Who are eligible to buy package?

Kyaik Yar Khaw pack is the programs which can make MPT to all local calls with affordable price. Auto Renewal Kyaik Yar Khaw package is when the remaining voice minutes reaches less than 5 minutes (or) when the package expires, it will be automatically renewed. Every time you buy packages, you will get a chance to play Hti Pauk and win up to 200GB. Moreover, Multi-subscription is allowed for this packs.
-All MPT GSM/WCDMA prepaid and postpaid users (Swe Thahar & Base Tariff) can subscribe to Kyite Yar Khaw Packs. CDMA, and non-active users are not eligible to subscribe. You can purchase Regular/ Auto Renewal Packages (7Days, 15 Days, 30 Days) by dailing *997# or via MPT4U and MPT Pay.

14. I turned on the internet and soon after, a lot of bills are deducted although I was not using anything and Why?

You have to close the background data. Sometimes, mobile phones automatically update the application, so you have to close “Auto Update System” in your mobile phone. While you open the Wifi Hotspot, please set the password. Without a password, others can easily connect and use it, which can cost more data. You can check your balance by dialing *224# or check your data usage in MPT4U application. In the settings, set a “Data Limit”, and you will save your data and the data amount can be restricted.

15. What is my redemption journey for MPT Services? What do I need to do to redeem MPT Services?

You can dial *345*3*1# and choose to redeem. You can also redeem via MPT4U App – MPT Club page But please note that you must have enough points to redeem.

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