Monthly Special Offer to Get HtawB 5x Bonus Balance with MPT Club Points

Monthly 5 times HtawB Promotion is brought back to you. Redeemed HtawB can be used for Internet usage, MPT to MPT Call , and SMS. This promotion period starts from every month of (15th) to (end of the month). Every MPT Club members who have enough points can redeem HtawB bonus balance with MPT Club points through *345*3*1*4# or MPT4U App as following table.

Required PointsHtaw B (5 times) Bonus Balance
69 points200 kyats
119 points400 kyats
249 points800 kyats
499 points1750 kyats
999 points3600 kyats

Terms and Conditions

  • This program is for all MPT Club members.
  • The promotion period is from every month of (15th) to (end of the month).
  • Sufficient MPT Club points are required to participate in this program.
  • In this program, you can redeem unlimited HtawB balance according to your MPT Club point balance.
  • You cannot purchase other services with the HtawB bonus balance.
  • Phone calls, SMS and internet use tariffs will be charged as HtawB.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the MPT Club HtawB Bonus Balance Promotion?

  1. It is the MPT Club promotion where MPT Club members can redeem their MPT points for 5 times of the HtawB balance (“HtawB 5 Times Balance”).

E.g., you can get 5 times from 69 points – 40 kyats (regular exchange rate) to 69 points – 200 kyats


  1. Customer can check his HtawB 5 Times Balance by dialing *224#.
  2. HtawB 5 Times Balance (1min – 32.5kyats, 1sms – 20kyats, 1MB – 10.7kyats)
Type LMS Price Current Cashback New HtawB 5 Times Balance Validity (days)

Htaw B Cashback

50 Points 40 Kyats 40*5 = 200 Kyats 30
99 Points 80 Kyats 80*5 = 400 Kyats 30
199 Points 160 Kyats 160*5 = 800 Kyats 30
399 Points 350 Kyats 350*5 = 1750 Kyats 30
799 Points 720 Kyats 720*5 = 3600 Kyats 30

Q2. What is the duration of the Promotion?

A. The Promotion will start on every month of (15th) to (end of the month).

Q3. Who can participate in this Promotion?

All MPT Club members (Crown, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver) with at least 69 MPT Club points can participate in this Promotion.

Q4. How can I join this Promotion?

A. You can join this Promotion by redeeming MPT points (as provided in Q1) within the Promotion period via:
a. USSD: by dialing *345*3#;
b. SMS: by clicking the following link: via SMS;
c. Webpage: by clicking the following link:; or
d. the MPT4U app.

Q5. Is there any limit in the number of participants who can join this Promotion?

A. No, this Promotion has no limitation for the number of participants.

Q6. For which services can I use the HtawB 5 Times Balance?

A. The HtawB 5 Times Balance can be used for on-net Voice, SMS, and data, based on Htaw B charge rates.

Q7. What is the expiration date of the HtawB 5 Times Balance?

A. The HTawB 5 Times Balance will expire 30 days from the date of redemption.

Q8. How many times can I join this Promotion?

A. You can join this Promotion as many times as you want.

Q9. How can I join MPT Club?

A. You can join MPT Club easily by downloading MPT4U App or by dialing *345#.

*In case of conflict between the Terms and Conditions and these FAQs, the Terms and Conditions shall prevail. In case of conflict between the English and Myanmar versions of these FAQs, the Myanmar version shall prevail.

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