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SMS Voting System For GG Fest_PC Banner
Published 25 Sep 2023

MPT Introduces SMS Voting For “GG Fest 2023” with Exciting Lucky Draw Prizes

As the excitement builds for GG Fest 2023, MPT is thrilled to announce that its customers can conveniently cast SMS voting for GG Fest 2023. This allows audiences all over Myanmar to show their support to their favorite Idol E-sport...

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Published 23 Sep 2023

MPT Unveils “Unlimited Night Data Pack” As Part of Celebration for 9th Anniversary of MPT-KSGM Jo...

Customers can enjoy streaming, downloading, chatting and social networking Read More

Published 14 Sep 2023

MPT Empower Nationwide People with Free Health Education Program Partnering with Ar Yu Internatio...

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text](Yangon, 14th September 2023) _ As a leading...

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Published 12 Sep 2023

Elevate Your GG Fest Experience with MPT’s Exciting Lucky Draw Prizes

(Yangon, 12nd Sept 2023) _ MPT as a true local operator focuses on enhancing the lives of ...

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Published 09 Sep 2023

MPT Unveils Nationwide Access to Melo Music Streaming Service

(Yangon, 9th September 2023) _ Today, MPT and Music Industry Development (MID) ...

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Published 09 Sep 2023

MPT, Myanmar’s No.1 Telecom Operator Celebrates 9th Anniversary Together With Its Employees

(Yangon, 9th, September 2023)- On September 1st , MPT, Myanmar’s No....

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Published 31 Aug 2023

MPT Elevates Gaming Excitement as Main Sponsor for GG Fest 2023 Gaming & Esports Festival

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text](Yangon, 31st August 2023) _MPT, Myanmar’s f...

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Published 22 Aug 2023

MPT Launches New Music Streaming App “Flow” To Enjoy Myanmar Music Anytime, Anywhere

With “Flow”, MPT customers can enjoy a diverse collection of Myanmar songs and playlists      at the to...

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Published 12 Aug 2023

MPT Commemorate International Youth Day to Foster Brighter Future For Myanmar Youth

(Yangon, 11th August 2023) _As a true local telecom operator MPT demonstrates its dedication to ...

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