In order to be a business partner with MPT-KSGM JO, a company need to be registered with MPT-KSGM JO. To be business partner with MPT-KSGM JO, please click on ‘Company Registration’ button only if: Your company currently does not have any business with MPT-KSGM JO and Your company provides any of below mentioned services:

  1. Media & Marketing
  2. Mobile and Fixed Network Infrastructure
  3. Civil Works
  4. Building Works
  5. Fiber, Optics, Copper Cabling Works

Company Registration term and condition


Once you have provided us with your company’s basic information, you will receive a detailed Vendor Information Package.

MPT-KSGM JO processing time of your received Vendor Information Package is approximately 15 working days for vendor registration depending that all relevant documents requested have been provided to us.

All Vendors with approved or not approved information package will receive an email notification.

Registration with MPT-KSGM JO, if accepted, does not constitute to any obligation by MPT-KSGM JO to guarantee any tender invitation, contractual awards or any order for goods or services, nor does it imply that your company has of procurement relationship, either now or in the future until MPT-KSGM JO procurement team has a requirement and invites your company to participate in MPT-KSGM JO procurement process.

Incomplete application and / or missing information shall not be dealt with all queries regarding registration should be directed to MPT-KSGM JO procurement via email [email protected] .

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