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SIM Registration

To update your SIM Registration details by MPT 4U Application or web-site, Requirement as below; (1) Username (2) Original National Registration Card (NRC ID) (3) National Registration Card Number MPT Customers can conveniently update their SIM Registration information free-of-charge through various channels listed below

  1. Simply Dial *601# for checking on registered information in your SIM.
  2.  MPT 4U Application (The application is free to download by dialing *4040# for Android OS. Data fees will be charged to download MPT 4U Application at Apple® App Store and Google® Play Store
  3.  MPT’s Customer Self-Care website at As directed by the Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD), customers are allowed to register only two SIM cards under one valid NRC number. MPT customers are encouraged to complete or update the SIM Registration with correct personal information no later than 31st January 2023.

To be more convenient for MPT’s customers, can register your SIM card at your nearest MPT Branded shops. Please click the below link for MPT Branded Shops detail address.

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Replace or Upgrade 2G/3G SIM Card to 4G

*Check your sim card type first by dialing *106*5# and SMS will come to you. If your sim card is old sim card, 2G/3G, then Swap your SIM card to 4G easily to enjoy MPT’s fastest 4G/LTE+ internet!!!

(1). This is FOC.

(2). No changing your original phone number.

(3). Can change at your nearest MPT branded shops and product shops. Check MPT shops link (

(4). This can be finished at once within a day.

(5). When you go to MPT shops, please bring (1). Your sim card (2). Your NRC card, original/ copy.


Enjoy the MPT 4G/LTE+

Enjoy smooth and worry free online experience on superfast MPT LTE+ Network. Much faster speed than 3G with no additional charges.You can experience better web access, uninterrupted HD video streaming, video calling, online gaming, downloading and picture uploading.


Online Gaming


HD video streaming


Video calling



Postpaid to Prepaid

What is change from Postpaid to Prepaid Service?

It is the payment method change from Postpaid (issue invoice after usage month) to Prepaid (Top up).

Where/How can apply to change from Postpaid to Prepaid?

Starting from 1st Nov 2019,

  • The Mobile customers who are in YGN city to visit and apply the change request at MPT’s 40th Street Commercial office, Sule TRA, Ahlone TRA and Insein TRA.
  • The Mobile customers who are in region to visit and apply the change request at the nearest MPT’s regional Commercial offices.
  • The PSTN customers who are in YGN city to visit and apply the change request at MPT’s 40th Street Commercial office.

Where are MPT’s commercial office and TRA office address in YGN City?

40th Street Commercial Office, Kyauktada Tsp, YGN. Contact numbers are 01252322, 01254254.

Sule TRA: No.465/469, Corner of Bozunpat St & Maharbandoola Rd, Pabedan Township

Ahlone TRA: No.189, Under Kyimyindine Road x Forest Road, Ahlone Township

Insein TRA: No.2, Hlaing Myint Road, East of Ywama, Inn Sein Township

When can apply to change from Postpaid to Prepaid?

Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays)

Office Hour: 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM

What documents is needed for changing Postpaid to Prepaid?

1: NRC card copy

2: Owner book/Agreement original

3: Power of Attorney, NRC card of original owner (if the person applies on behalf of real one.)

Do we need to pay any charges?

Prerequisite payments from customers before migration Postpaid to Prepaid

  1. All Outstanding invoices
  2. Advance payment to cover upcoming invoices
    • Totally 3 times of previous month’s bill; if customer apply & make all payments between 1st to 6th of the month
    • Totally 2 times of previous month’s bill; if customer apply & make all payments between 7th to the end of the month

How long will take to change from Postpaid to Prepaid

After completing the application and payment process, MPT will complete the request within one working day.

What is the process if there is a remaining balance in the Postpaid account after settling the invoice amount in the next month.

After Postpaid to Prepaid changing complete, MPT will manage customers’ Prepaid balance i.e. we will deduct Prepaid’s balance in case the advance payment customer paid with appication form cannot cover the pending bill. In case there is remaning amount from the advance payment after the pending invoice settled, MPT wiill transfer the remaining amount into Prepaid balance for that customer. MPT will send SMS to notify customers before any adjustment on each Prepaid balance due to migration from Postpaid to Prepaid.

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MPT Announces SIM Lifecycle For Customers Awareness

(Yangon, 9th January 2020) – MPT today announced that MPT customers should be aware of SIM Lifecycle and SIM Validity to avoid losing their mobile phone number.

After purchasing the registered SIM cards, MPT customers are required to make the first call, SMS, USSD or by topping-up within 180 days.  If the SIM card is not activated within 180 days, the SIM card in question will be moved to “Cooling Stage” where both Inbound and Outbound calls are restricted.

After successful activation, the SIM card will have 365 days validity. However, customers are required to make a top-up within 60 days of activation. failure to do so will move the SIM card to “One-Way Block Stage” for 30 days, where customers can only receive incoming calls. All outgoing calls, SMS, Data and all Chargeable Services will be blocked.

When the SIM card is in “One-Way Block Stage”, customers can top-up within 30 days period to re-activate it. If a top-up is not made within 30 days, the SIM card will be moved to “Two-Way Block Stage” for 60 days, where both incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, Data and all chargeable services are blocked.

A SIM card in “Two-Way Blocked Stage” can be re-activated within 60 days period by a top-up using e-load such as mobile top-up or request another person to top-up the number to move it back to “Active Stage”. However, if a top-up is not made within 60 days the SIM card will be fully decommissioned and moved to “Cooling Stage”, after which a customer will require to visit an MPT own Shop for reactivation and top-up.

Therefore, MPT encourages its customers to make regular top-up to ensure the SIM card maintains its validity. SIM validity will be increased to 365 days from the date of recharge with every top-up.

According to the latest regulations, after another 60 days, the SIM card will be moved to “Recycle Stage” which will be reallocated to a new customer. and the phone number will be dissociated from the SIM card and it may be reassigned to a new customer. More information about SIM validity can be found at MPT official website.

All MPT pre-paid customers can check the validity of their SIM cards by dialling *124# or sending SMS “BAL” to 1331. SIM Validity does not apply to MPT post-paid SIM cards.

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