MPT SIM Registration

Dear respectful MPT users, Now get MPT club points 199 points on registering your SIM properly. By the guidance of Post and Telecommunication Department, all SIMs have to be re-registered with NRC. SIMs without registration (or) with incorrect information will not be able to enjoy our services.
You can register up to 2 MPT SIMs with one NRC.
Dial *601# to check your status.
For the SIM registration, can check and correct at MPT4U app or visit to nearest MPT Own Shops and dealer by the last date (31-1-2023). Please make sure bring your NRC to the own shops. Club points will be credited in 72hours.

MPT SIM registration or To re-check SIM registration Data

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you check my SIM registration already reached two cards or not ?

Please check the MPT4U or USSD code *601#. If you can’t check or change your information ,please go to own shop.

2. If KBZ Pay information and SIM registration information will not same, my using card will shut down or not. Can I know any confirmation from you?

We would like you to register your information correctly according to PTD instruction.

3. I can't register my SIM at MPT4U. Do you have any idea on it?

First, please update latest MPT4U version. After that, please try again. Even if you can’t register, please go to own shop.

4. When I register my SIM at MPT4U, it showed" Already reached two cards". How can I do for it?

We are not sure how many customer has SIM, so please go nearest own shop to check. Sorry for the inconvenience.

5. I already go to shop, but they didn’t support anything.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If own shop couldn’t support, we don’t have other resolution.

6. When will my SIM CARD be stopped ?

We are not sure the exact schedule yet.  However please register your information correctly according to PTD instruction.

7. Do I have to register my information ?

Yes, if customer doesn’t register your information correctly, your phone service will be stopped in the future. Please check the MPT4U or USSD code *601# .

8. I updated the information on MPT4U, but when I checked it today. The update information was back. Why ?

Please try again and confirm to complete till instruction end.

9. How can we check our registered SIM Cards with my name ?

Customer can check dialing * 601 # and if customer’s SIM registration information is not correct, Customers can update the information at MPT 4U Application or or visit MPT Own Shop in their respective township to get help with SIM registration.

10. Will Customer be charged for data connection used to download MPT4U Application?

It’s free for downloading MPT 4U Application by dialing *4040#. Downloading MPT 4U Application at Apple store / Google Play store would be charged.

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