MPT Special Offer

MPT is bringing a special offer for everyone. As all of our customers are different from one another, we are offering a different offer only for you on every single day.


Poh B

“Poh B” is a gifting service that allows MPT users to gift MPT products to another MPT number. No service fees is required.

International Direct Dialing

International Direct Dialing (IDD) is now more affordable to more countries than ever with MPT’s new low rates, starting from only 200 Ks/minute!


International Roaming

For all respected MPT users who are likely to travel abroad, MPT has introduced “Roaming Data Packs” with reasonable prices. Roaming data packs allow you to enjoy all data usages during your travelling on abroad.
You can continue using your MPT SIM card without the need to switch to other SIM cards, so it is cost-effectiveness, and you can choose reasonably priced Roaming packages based on your travel countries with 7-days validity.

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