Joint Operation

MPT is the incumbent telecom operator in Myanmar and has been operated by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). In July 2014, MPT signed a partnership with KDDI & Sumitomo to join forces in order to make access to mobile telecommunication easier for everyone in the country, to extend network coverage and to provide more people with a quality network using advanced technologies.

KDDI is the leading all-around telecom operator in Japan with more than 50 million clients and 42 bn USD revenues. KDDI has broad expertise in advanced telecom markets and has built its reputation in its home market by systematically providing the best customer experience and a state of the art customer care, while always employing the latest technology.

Sumitomo is a corporate group committed in a wide range of business activities in various industries on a global scale. With offices in more than 66 countries, a broad network of clients and consumers, a solid investment capability and a deep knowledge of Myanmar – where it has been present for over 50 years, Sumitomo is a key ally for MPT and Myanmar’s telecommunication industry as a whole.

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