Frequently Asked Questions

1. If a new customer who want to use B2B USSD, what do they need?

Customer must have B2B code(SWE Default Code) to use B2B USSD

2. How can customer buy B2B package after activation of B2B SWE Default code?

Customer can buy B2B packages by dialing *2332#.

3.What kind of packages can buy with USSD ?

Customer can buy B2B packages such as Data Plan, Anynet, Bundle and Allowance and Allowance Special.

4.What is Recurrent Pack?

It is automatically deducted and renew the packages. Recurrent packages are Data Plan, Anynet , Bundle and Allowance.

5. What is One Time Pack?

One time packages are not auto renewal and will not automatically deduct at the end of validity, customer can purchase the packages which they required.

6. Can customer buy one time pack for data plan and Anynet without recurrent pack?

Yes, they can.

7. Can customer buy one time pack for allowance and bundle without recurrent pack?

No, they can’t. If customer want to buy allowance and bundle one time packs, customer must have one of recurrent pack.

8. What is the validity of recurring package and one time package?

It is valid for 30 days starting from plan activation date.

9. How long do I need to use once I subscribe recurring package?

You need to use at least 90 days with 3 times subscription.

10. What will happen when customer terminate after start subscribe?

The period of start subscribe duration 1 to 30 days can not terminate. If customer send termination code, system will reply fail to terminate because this period is customer must use duration.

11. What is the success period to send terminate code?

The period of successful termination is after first subscription duration (over 30 days)

12. Termination code was successfully completed but service was not terminated yet?

B2B USSD subscription package require 1 month prior notice to terminate via system. So, the user must use extra one month after termination.

13. How can I check my package balance?

You can check by dialing to *224#

14. How can we terminate recurrent package?(Only B2B USSD User)

Customer can send a text message to 2332,

  • if they want to terminate Data plan >> Data Plan Off
  • if they want to terminate Bundle plan >> Bundle Off
  • if they want to terminate Allowance plan >> Allowance Off
  • if they want to terminate Allowance Special plan >> Allowance Special Off
  • if they want to terminate Any net plan >> Anynet Off
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