Frequently Asked Questions

CUG Mobile Services

Q1: What is a Closed User Group?

A1: CUG Mobile service means to form a group call and it can communicate each other by paying monthly charges.

Q2: What are the advantages of MPT CUG plan?

A2: CUG can use unlimited intra-group calls and unlimited text messages within MPT’s network area.

Q3: How can customers apply for CUG service?

A3: All GSM / WCDMA prepaid and postpaid users from MPT can apply for CUG service.

Q4: How do I apply if I want to deactivate/suspend CUG?

A4: A week’s notice must be given before the end of the month.

B2B Bundle/Allowance Packages

Q1: What services are included in the B2B Bundle Package?

A1: B2B mobile packages included phone calls, SMS and data usage.

Q2: Which SIM card users can apply for B2B Bundle/Allowance Packages?

A2: Any type of MPT’s SIM can apply for the service.

B2B Data Plan

Q1: What is a B2B Standard Data Plan?

A1: MPT’s B2B Standard Data Plan is a mobile data service for business users with reasonable rates.

Q2: What kind of SIM card users can use the B2B Data Plan Package service?

A2: Any type of MPT’s sim can apply for the service.

Q3: How many packages can the applicant purchase in a month?

A3: Customer can purchase unlimited packages base on requirement.

Data Only SIM

Q1: What is a Data Only SIM?

A1: Data Only SIM means a mobile SIM card that can only use Internet data. (Most commonly used in ATM Machines, Machine to Machine (M2M).

Bulk SMS Service

Q1: What is Bulk SMS Service?

A1: Bulk SMS Service means secure SMS messages needed for businesses.

Q2: For what purpose do customers use the Bulk SMS Service?

A2: Bulk SMS service is one of the best service to promote and advertise their services.

Mobile Remote Access Service

Q1: What is Mobile Remote Access?

A1: Mobile Remote Access Services is the best service to help you grow your business with secure access.

Q2: On what type of device is it allowed to be used?

A2: Mobile remote access service for various types of devices, POS, ATM machines and tablet and smartphones including laptops.

B2B SIM Service

Q1: What is B2B SIM Service?

A1: SIM cards can be purchased in the name of business to be used for respective business sectors and can be used in conjunction with B2B Mobile Packages.

Q2. How can I purchase and register B2B SIM cards?

A2. Business SIM cards can be registered and purchased under the name of business. At least two sims can register with Company Registration issued by the Directorate of Investment Companies.

B2B Any-net Service

Q1: What services does B2B Any-net offer?

A1: B2B Any-net is a business package that allows you to call any operator.

Q2: Which SIM card users can apply for B2B Any-net service?

A2: Any type of MPT’s SIMs can apply for the service.

Voice Pool

Q1: What services does Voice Pool offer?

A1: Call charges can be shared within a group to call all mobile phones and PSTN line phones.

Data Pool

Q1: What kind of services is Data Pool?

A1: Mobile data can be shared and used within a group.
(For example, ATMs, POS and Mobile Phones)

Self-care Service

Q1: What services does B2B Self-care cover?

A1: B2B Self-care is a portal that is exclusively for mobile services and can only be viewed by the customer.

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