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About SIM Registration Requirements For MPT SIMs

Published 01 Jun 2021

As one of the licensed telecommunications operators in Myanmar, MPT is always striving to provide the best possible services to our customers nationwide and keeping Myanmar connected during these difficult times.

With the recent information from customers about SIM registration, MPT regret to inform to our customers that outgoing call blockage will be experienced to some customers in recent days due to the directive from authority.

Telecom operators in Myanmar are equally required to follow the instruction from Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD) in accordance with the law for the registration of SIM by the customers in correct/complete form.

After the announcement for customers to amend the registration of SIM cards, some of the customers are experiencing the outgoing call blockage due to the directive of authority. However, with the proper checking of the registration by each customer through the various channels, customers can easily get the full-fledged registration and restored the outgoing call capacity shortly.

Therefore, MPT would like to inform our customers who received the SMS for re-registration to complete the process by updating the following information via online SIM registration channels such as MPT4U App or by dialing *601# or through MPT touch win. MPT Own Shops and Branded Shops are also ready to support our customers to update the SIM registration information.

Full Name

Front and Back photo of NRC : National Registration Card (Please make sure name/NRC number is clear)

NRC number

The SIM card will be re-activated after the successful completion of the registration process.

MPT believes that telecommunications is the best assets for the people of Myanmar to keep connected in this difficult situation and to achieve conveniences of necessary communications. Therefore, we would like to request our customers who received the SIM registration notice to complete the information for the resumption of the services as soon as possible.

Customers are advised to contact to 106 call center or visiting MPT website and also to reach out directly to the MPT shops for more information and queries about SIM registration.

MPT is committed to provide the continued and sustainable services in its best endeavors to Myanmar People and keep Myanmar connected in any situation and at all times.

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