MPT Continues Its Digital Skills to Go Forward Program by Adding Training Of Trainers for Students from NLDEN Schools

Published 12 Nov 2018

(Yangon, 12th November 2018) MPT today announced that it is supporting the NLD Education Network through its program to train trainers on the usage of basic Microsoft software courses who will then go on to teach underserved youths as part of the ongoing ‘Digital Skills to Go Forward’ computer literacy campaign. Altogether 50 trainers were undergone instruction on how to develop and provide lessons on Microsoft Office solutions including Word, Excel, Power Point, and the proper usage of email applications.

The aim of ‘Digital Skills to Go Forward’ is to leave no one behind as Myanmar develops into the future by increasing access to technology and education to the youth in sub-urban areas. Rather than travel to Yangon or larger urban areas, young people in more remote areas will have the technology and training delivered right to their townships or neighborhoods by MPT and the NLD Education Network as part of this campaign.

“As we forge ahead with our computer literacy efforts with the NLD Education Network to empower more underprivileged youth in areas outside of the main urban centers in the country, we also need to develop and train a capable team of trainers through intermediate level of Microsoft office suite courses. Our support also extends to the provision of the internet services, and other related costs under this “Training of Trainers”-approach program. We hope that these trainers will go on to provide critical computer skills training for many youth to help improve their career prospects and in turn, help move Myanmar forward,” said Mr. Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

“Firstly, we would like to express our appreciation to MPT for their continued support of our mission to help equip youth with computer skills, which would serve them well in their futures. The trainers will undergo mentorship from qualified MPT experts, and upon the completion of the program will be assigned to teach at the various Amay Eain Centers located outside major urban areas where the “Digital Skills To Go Forward” computer literacy initiative is being carried out. With more trainers, we can cover even more students and that is why we look forward to the impact this will bring for youths that may reside outside of urban areas where training programs are less accessible,” said Dr. Myo Nyunt, Central Executive Committee member of NLD.

The NLD Education Network established computer literacy courses at several Amay Eain Schools to help address the lack of access to computer skills programs outside of major urban centers. With the program being initiated 3 years ago, more than 2,000 students have already completed classes, increasing their employability. However additional support is required in order to increase the scale and reach of the project. With the help of MPT, the program was able to expand to new areas, with the operator also providing Wi-Fi facilities and data connectivity, as well as support for extra trainers to cover the student courses.

Under the main pillars of education, healthcare and business incubation, MPT is working consistently to support the future generations in various kinds of CSR initiatives. With the “Myanmar In Our Heart” initiative, which guides its commercial, operational and CSR efforts, MPT leverages its leading market position for the benefit of its customers and Myanmar’s economy and local communities.

For more information about MPT initiatives, call 106, or visit and MPT Official Facebook page

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