MPT Funds Tube Wells and Ponds to Help Fix Chronic Water Shortages Around Myanmar

Published 27 Feb 2018

(Yangon, 27 February 2018) With the collaboration of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), MPT Clean and Sustainable Water Program will provide solutions to the incredibly important problems that communities face around water supplies by drilling tube wells and creating reservoir ponds.

This initiative is part of MPT’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. In creating the fastest and widest network available in all parts of Myanmar, every day MPT sees the issues that people face. MPT cares deeply about the wellbeing of all Myanmar citizens, and continues to provide the support needed to help benefit livelihoods.

The Clean and Sustainable Water Program and initiative was first funded by MPT last year with altogether 15 tube wells and ponds. This year MPT will donate 200 million Myanmar Kyats, with funds to go towards alleviating issues in water stressed regions and provide clean water for the healthy life. MPT is working with the relevant authorities, as well as the NGO partners – the Network Activities Group (NAG) and Bridge Asia Japan (BAJ) to ensure that donations are going to the best possible causes. MPT wants to make a big difference to the communities where these projects take place, and MPT is committed to long term and sustainable solutions.

“We all know that water is life, and too many people in Myanmar still have poor access to this most important resource. MPT has designed the Clean and Sustainable Water Program to provide projects in several locations around the country where people are in need of assistance. We hope that by providing communities with access to safe and viable water sources, it will contribute towards rural economic development that will help Myanmar move forward,” said Yoshiaki Benino, COO of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Akiko Mori, Country Representative of BAJ, said “We thank MPT for their continued support in rolling-out high-quality water supply projects around Myanmar. It is great to have the support of such a well-recognised brand when delivering such an important piece of infrastructure like permanent water supplies in water-short areas. From several years of Tube Well projects, we have seen great outcomes from this project, and MPT’s continued support is the validation needed to maintain this program for another year.”

“Safe and Clean water is essential for everyone. Without safe and clean water, it is impossible to attain Food & Nutrition Security, maintain livelihood or sustain healthy human resources. Universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all is Sustainable Development Goal No. 6. Improving access to safe and clean water will not only reduce burden of the community but also lead to productive and healthy life” said U Bobby, CEO of NAG.

This year, MPT has identified several locations where these projects will be delivered including Mandalay, Sagaing, Magway, Bago (west), Ayeyarwaddy, Mon state and Kayin State. MPT works closely working with NGOs and has based its selection according to the respective areas’ urgent needs together with the Department of Rural Development and in line with the budget available. Important to the success of the program is the creation of local water committees. MPT and its partners work together with the local people who are expected to benefit most from the new infrastructure to develop strategies to maintain performance of the tube well and associated parts. This longevity and design-thinking is the difference between MPT’s Tube Wells programs and other water availability programs, ensuring that water can be supplied in a way that is viable in the long-term.

MPT has a wide range of CSR activities ranging from education, communications to earthquake relief. We have identified that access to water is an ongoing problem in many parts of the country especially during the dry season. Sources of water may be available, but adequate storage facilitates, or the means to tap groundwater reservoirs, can be too expensive or difficult to build without expertise. Therefore, MPT is keen to assist in this area for the coming dry and hot seasons especially, but also for building lasting and viable water supplies for the foreseeable future in these communities.

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