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MPT is Holding Hands Together With Myanmar People and Users Nationwide (Translation Of “အတူလက်တွဲအမြဲရှိမည် MPT”)

Published 16 Oct 2021

(Yangon, 16th October 2021) – Operating with over 8,000 employees and 300 offices nationwide, MPT is consistently providing the necessary telecommunications services to the people of Myanmar and committed to provide the reliable services which is the important lifeline of Myanmar people.

With the spread of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Global Health Pandemic last year, MPT has set up the robust operation plan to minimize the impact to the customers and employees and provided its committed services even in the difficult situations till today and MPT therefore would like to announce today for its dedication to Myanmar people with the slogan of  “အတူလက်တွဲအမြဲရှိမည် MPT” (English translation: MPT- Holding Hands Together With Myanmar People) and continue providing its services for many years to come.

MPT is always with the people of Myanmar as we are the local & incumbent operator and has the track record of over 100 years history and constantly improving the operations by collaborating with its Japanese partner KSGM in combination of investment and state-of-the-art technologies for the best of Myanmar people. Since last year, MPT has been providing the convenient and most suited services to its customers for their convenience communications from the beginning of COVID-19 period including the free of charge balance transfer service to assist customers keep connected at all time and other remarkable services such as Data Carry Plus and Kyeik Yar Khaw voice services including recent launch of “All in one Htaw B 10X” packages.

MPT not only provides the telecom services but also provides the require support to people of Myanmar and its communities under 3 main CSR pillars of Education, Health and Business Incubation. As part of its CSR initiatives during COIVD-19, MPT provided essential supports to the communities across Myanmar including the provisions of high-speed fiber internet access, top-up cards, SIM cards, toll free numbers for COVID-19 centers. To date, MPT has provided over 20 billion MMK in support to Myanmar people and respective local communities as we believe we can achieve more if we are together.

As a dedicated and continuously improving local telecom operator, MPT is committed to fulfil the diverse needs of the people of Myanmar by collaborating with the partners in many areas as all-in-one option and to become the lifelong companion of the Myanmar people nationwide and continues support its customers with its slogan of “အတူလက်တွဲအမြဲရှိမည် MPT”(English translation: MPT- Holding Hands Together With Myanmar People).

MPT, as a true local operator and is striving to keep connected among Myanmar people and is working constantly to minimize the adverse impact for people, businesses, and society, and continues to explore the ways to support its customers and enrich their digital lives.

More information about MPT’s products and services including CSR activities please call 106,or visit MPT official website


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