MPT Is Supporting Nationwide Digital Skills Education Program with Internet Connectivity and Special Training For Graduates

Published 17 Aug 2018

(Yangon, 17 August 2018) MPT, Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications operator, celebrates the graduation of over 450 students who completed computer literacy courses. This is the fifth and largest batch of graduates of the “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program. A ceremony to mark the graduation of the fifth batch of students which takes place on 17th August in Yangon.

The “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program was launched by MPT in 2016 and focuses on empowering Myanmar’s underprivileged youth through computer skills training. Thanks to the program, more than 2,100 students developed crucial computer literacy skills. MPT supports this nationwide program with laptops, data connectivity, and provides fees to trainers. The initiative is run in collaboration with the National League for Democracy (NLD) Education Network.

“We are happy to offer Myanmar’s youth new opportunities to build digital skills and fluency with our Digital Skills to Go Forward initiative. All of us can benefit from knowledge and skills related to software development, digital media content or technology design. However, we are aware that there are many young people across the country who still don’t have access to the internet and computer literacy. That is why providing the education which helps supporting to those youths has been a priority for our CSR strategy”, said Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Dr. Myo Nyunt, Central Executive Committee member of NLD, added “Ensuring that young people are digitally skilled for our nation’s future is our obligation. I am deeply grateful to MPT for ongoing support of our mission. Your ability to work in partnership on digital fluency has the power to give young people incredible opportunities to improve both the social and economic prospects of our nation for decades to come.”

MPT is strongly dedicated to boosting digital skills in Myanmar. The operator will support “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program by providing Internet connectivity to Amay Eain Schools in fifteen locations across the Regions and States for another two years. This year, MPT will be training graduates from the “Digital Skills to Go Forward” program to become future mentors for their respective schools so they can continue to support NLD’s future initiatives. This will help to ensure that the positive impact of MPT’s community work in education is sustainable and self-sufficient. Additionally, MPT plans to triple the number of its technology information centers to support the development of basic digital literacy skills. A wide range of beneficial information and communication services is available free of charge for all MPT telecenters’ visitors.

Under the main pillars of education, healthcare and business incubation, MPT is working consistently to support the future generations in various kinds of CSR initiatives. With the “Myanmar In Our Heart” initiative, MPT leverages its leading market position for the benefit of its customers and Myanmar’s economy and local communities.

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