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MPT Launches Special Bundle “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Packages For Sharing Data Among Their Beloved Ones

Published 29 Dec 2021

(Yangon, 29th December 2021)- MPT announced today for the launch of “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Packages which allow customers to share data benefits with their family, friends and beloved ones starting from 29th December 2021.

“Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” packages are only for MPT customers and are new special bundle packages which include new feature such as sharing data and providing gifts to their family, friends, and beloved ones by adding members.

There are 3 types of “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Packages which includes 1GB, 2GB, 4GB data together with other benefits and customers can choose based on their data usage and the prices are 2,998 Ks, 5,498 Ks, and 9,998 Ks.

Service subscriber or MPT customer who received the “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Package as Gift will be recognized as owner where all data usage, MPT-MPT calls, MPT-MPT SMS and MPT Club Points benefits can be used. The customer who become owner by receiving “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Package as gift need to add members by himself/herself to share data. Customers can purchase these packs at MPT4U App only and all benefits can be used within 30 days.

The unique function for “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Package is that subscribers (owner) can automatically share 500 MB data per time to others who are added to their memberships up to 5 members. Moreover, “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Package owners can transfer up to 500 MB data per transaction, 5 transactions per day and 50 transactions per month. The details of the “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Packages are available as below-

Product NamePrices (Ks) (Icl: tax)ValidityKyin Kyin Nar Nar Count
(up to)
Total Data (GB)Data Share to Members (MB)One-Net Voice and SMS to OwnersMPT Club Additional Benefit to Owner
Kyin Kyin
Nar Nar
2,998 Pack
2,998 Ks
30 Days
(1Owner +
1 Member
500 MB per member
160 On-net Min &
160 On-net SMS
400 Points
Kyin Kyin
Nar Nar
5,498 Pack
5,498 Ks4
(1Owner +3 Members)
2250 On-net Min & 250 On-net SMS600 Points
Kyin Kyin
Nar Nar
9,998 Pack
9,998 Ks6
(1 Owner +5 Members)
4350 On-net Min & 350 On-net SMS1,000 Points

Eg. Customers who purchased Kyin Kyin Nar Nar 9,998 Pack can share 500 MB data each up to 5 members from their data 4 GB and can enjoy MPT-MPT 350mins and 350 SMS and 1,000 MPT Club Points.)

Visual Sample of Purchasing and using Kyin Kyin Nar Nar 5,498 Pack

“Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Pack owners will have chance to play 1 Time “Hti Pauk” at MPT 4U App to receive the rewards.

All MPT GSM/ WCDMA prepaid customers (Swe Thahar, Shal Pyaw, Shwe Zagar) can subscribe “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Packages and Multi-subscription is allowed, but different price of subscription are not allowed. (Eg. Customers already purchased Kyin Kyin Nar Nar 2,998 Pack can only do multi -purchase Kyin Kyin Nar Nar 2,998 Pack for next time.)

To purchase the “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Packages (Single Purchase), MPT customers need to follow the below steps-

  1. Enter “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Packs” icon at MPT4U App
  2. Choose the package you want to purchase and click to proceed. (If you want to provide gifts to other, need to choose Gifts Icon after choosing the package)
  3. Read the specification package and Click “Next”
  4. Can Seen “Add Number” screen and “Add New Member Button” to add members for your Kyin Kyin Nar Nar Pack. (Members can be edited if you purchase again next time)
  5. Clink “Confirm” to purchase the package successfully
  6. You can see success pop up for your purchase package and receive SMS about package and members.

To enjoy this “Kyin Kyin Nar Nar” Packages at MPT4U App, customers need to update the MPT4U App as 1.4.9 version for iOS users and 4.4.0 version for Android users ( http://bit.ly/DataFreeApp or https://lotaya.mpt.com.mm/event/191 ) or receive download link via USSD *4040# for free.
As local & incumbent operator, MPT is always striving to keep its promise of “အတူလက်တွဲ အမြဲရှိမည် MPT” (English translation: MPT- Holding Hands Together With Myanmar People) by innovating and providing continuous telecommunications services during the difficult times and to enrich the digital life of our valued customers.

For more information about MPT, visit MPT official website www.mpt.com.mm and chat with MPT’s Chatbot services at MPT4U App and official Webpage or dial 106 Call Center.

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