MPT Organized 11th Time Blood Donation Activity In 8 States & Regions Honouring World Blood Donor Day

Published 16 Jun 2023

(Yangon, 16th June 2023)- MPT’s Blood Donation Drive is a recurring activity to raise public awareness to the importance of blood donation and to mobilize volunteers across the country to donate clean and life-saving blood for medical use so that it can fulfill the blood requirements for people of Myanmar. MPT believe that donating blood is the noble act which is one of the community support programs benefiting many people in an emergency situation which requires blood transfusion to become healthy.
This is the 11th Time blood donation activity for MPT and its employee held on 16th June 2023 by Honoring World Blood Donor Day, together with MPT staff and volunteers from Yangon and other States and Regions. In total, 505 blood donors have participated in this blood donation activity and 505 blood bags have donated to respective Hospitals and National Blood Centers. To date, there are more than 7,000 people and over 10,000 blood bags including MPT and local community donated their valuable blood who need emergent blood transfusion at nationwide blood centers and hospitals.
The 11th Time Blood Donation Activity in 8 States & Regions was held as below,

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MPT’s blood donation activity is one of the most necessity CSR initiatives which support our community in collaboration with the volunteers from public to bring positive changes/effect to community. MPT thanks everyone who participated to this continuous blood donation drive in the past and also who joined 11th Time blood donation activity.
Stay true to the commitment of “Together With The People of Myanmar” MPT is conducting its CSR efforts in various field including Health, Education and Business incubation as necessary support for the community nationwide which can be the supporting activities to move Myanmar forward while continuing its provisions of nationwide telecommunications services in 24/7.
To find out more information on how you can save lives through blood donation, go to . For more information on all MPT CSR activities, please visit

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