MPT Staff Save Lives Donating Blood at Blood Centers and Hospitals Around Myanmar

Published 17 Mar 2018

(Yangon, 17 March 2018) MPT sends thanks to more than 400 staff and employees who volunteered to donate blood at blood donation centers around the country on 16 March. Yangonbased MPT employees met at the National Blood Center, on Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road in Latha Township to support the blood donors nationwide. Held as one of the many CSR activities of the nation’s largest mobile carrier, 2018 marks the second year that MPT staff have donated blood to
support people in need.

With blood an essential part of human body function, MPT staff blood donations will help supply blood during emergency surgeries around the country, essential to helping mitigate potential fatalities. Since blood transfusion is required in many occasions, there is only enough donated blood in the National Blood Center to last 2 or 3 days conforming to their website.

Around the world, approximately 800 women die each day from pregnancy or child-related complications, according to the World Health Organization, something able to be somewhat rectified with blood donations. According to the National Blood Center, blood donations in Myanmar are tracking at less than the demand of the health system. As part of its national CSR efforts, MPT aims to support the National Blood Center’s efforts to maintain sufficient blood supply for those in need. MPT Moves Myanmar Forwards through the power of its nationwide workforce, engagement and community events. Other CSR efforts in various field including Health, Education and Business incubation are also MPT’s commitment to show that Myanmar is always in our Heart.

“It’s very worrying time for both patients and their loved ones when they must find blood donors in an emergency. For young children undergoing surgery, to adults in an emergency accident, we’re truly glad that our blood donation campaign will be able to help support people during these difficult times, and we hope that MPT staff will come together to donate even more blood in the future. We thank all participants for their time and effort in supporting such a noble cause,” said Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

Dr Thida Aung, Deputy Director General from the National Blood Center, said “We thank MPT staff for their continued blood donation efforts around the country. Blood donation is an essential part of a well-functioning healthcare system, and we are constantly in need of more donations to supply children and adults with essential blood products. If people are interested in donating a small quantity of their blood to help saves lives around the country, we strongly encourage them to go to for more information.”

In 2017, MPT started blood donation campaign events nationwide. With this event, there are more than 1000 blood bags donated, and MPT will continue this good practice. As blood donation is the noble activity for Myanmar people, it can help save lives in an emergency situation and during surgery. To find out more information on how you can save lives through blood donation, go to For more information on all MPT CSR activities, please visit

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