Achi Gyi Htaw Winner Announcement(1800x550)

MPT Starts 2023 With The Announcement of One 10 Million Prize And Fifty 1 Million Prize Winners For Its “A Chi Gyi Htaw” Lucky Draw Campaign

Published 05 Jan 2023

(Yangon, 5th January 2023) _ Winner of the 10 million prize and fifty winners of the 1 million prizes have emerged from “A Chi Gyi Htaw” Lucky Draw Campaign. MPT as a true local telecommunications operator has initiated “A Chi Gyi Htaw” campaign to bring happiness and to enrich the daily life of customers and it starts from December 22nd to January 4th. 51 winners for First Week (22nd to 28th December) are selected randomly on 29th December and winning cash prize will be transferred to winners.
MPT is grateful for customers’ participation and for their trust in the brand. Second Week winners for “A Chi Gyi Htaw” (December 29th to January 4th) will be selected randomly in January 2023.
Selected 51 lucky winners from First Week “A Chi Gyi Htaw” campaign is listed as below.

1ST Week Winners

A Chi Gyi-Htaw Campaign (Week -1) 10 Millions Kyat Winner

NoLucky Phone NumberName Region
10942428XXXXU Kyaw ZawwBago

A Chi Gyi-Htaw Campaign (Week -1) 1 Million Kyat Winner

NoLucky Phone NumberName Region
10926017XXXXDaw Pa Pa AungTanintharyi
20944525XXXXDaw Chit Nwe SoeAyarwaddy
30942598XXXXDaw May Moe TheintSagaing
40945640XXXXU Nay San HtutBago
50945581XXXXDaw Yin Yin NwetShan
60945959XXXXU Mg Mg HlaKayah
70942105XXXXU Tun LapyaeYangon
80925000XXXXDaw Moh Moh SanYangon
90940146XXXXDaw Phyu WinShan
100944001XXXXU Thuta ZawYangon
110940490XXXXDaw Win Win KhaingBago
120942891XXXXU Thein WinRakhine
130925093XXXXDaw Thin Thin Zaw Magway
140942159XXXXDaw SandarAyarwaddy
150925980XXXXU Nyan Hein TunMagway
160942113XXXXDaw Mi Mi AungShan
17094309XXXXU Ko Ko MaungMandalay
180945115XXXXDaw Mya KyinYangon
190945712XXXXU Thint WaiMandalay
200925665XXXXDaw Mine Kaythi NweMagway
210945811XXXXU Than OoMandalay
220942998XXXXDaw Khin May Latt Chin
230942138XXXXDaw Khin Myat HtutTanintharyi
240940910XXXXU Chan MoeYangon
250944483XXXXU Win BoSagaing
260989888XXXXU Naing Soe Sagaing
270942549XXXXU Zayar TunMandalay
280942661XXXXU Htun Naing OoMon
290942518XXXXU Min Swe OoTanintharyi
300925447XXXXDaw Pont Pont July Htwe MgYangon
310945483XXXXU Han Htay WinYangon
320944378XXXXU Thet Paing SoeBago
330945627XXXXU Zaw Myo HtetAyarwaddy
340945402XXXXDaw Aye Mar SanMagway
350944443XXXXU Sai San Myint OoYangon
3609514XXXXU Win ZawYangon
370942074XXXXDaw Aye Than MawMagway
380925929XXXXU Saw AungSagaing
390940372XXXXDaw Su ThinzaNayPyiTaw
400926491XXXXU Than TunMon
410988386XXXXU Khaing Zin NyuntShan
420942255XXXXU Wai Phyo AungAyarwaddy
430989524XXXXU Min AungShan
440925018XXXXDaw Khin Pa Pa SoeYangon
450942340XXXXU Pho AyeShan
460942143XXXXDaw Sein Lei WahMagway
470945832XXXXDaw Nu Nu LwinMagway
480940126XXXXDaw Su Su Nyein AyeMagway
4909510XXXXU Nyi Nyi TunYangon
500944007XXXXU Zin Min SoeMandalay

Account names of 51 lucky winners for First Week are announced at MPT Facebook Page, Website, Viber, and Telegram and MPT will contact all winners to collect their lucky prizes. To know more about “A Chi Gyi Htaw” campaign, MPT customers can visit for further details about “A Chi Gyi Htaw” Lucky Draw campaign.
Terms and condition of “A Chi Gyi Htaw” Lucky Draw campaign can be found at following link-
Thank you everyone for using MPT services as always. MPT is consistently striving to provide innovative and convenient services to its customers during these challenging times.
For more information about MPT, visit MPT official website and chat with MPT’s Chatbot services at MPT4U App, Viber or dial 106 Call Center.

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