MPT Teams Up With Myanmar Red Cross Society To Help Save Lives Through “First Aid For All”

Published 24 Oct 2017

New health awareness campaign to educate the public with basic first aid knowledge as part of MPT’s overall CSR vision encompasing healthcare, education and business incubation

(Yangon, 24 October 2017) – As Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunications services provider, MPT has launched its health campaign in collaboration with the Myanmar Red Cross Soceity (MRCS) to impart first aid knowledge amongst the communities of the country, particularly to young people in Myanmar. Running as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) healthcare pillar, MPT’s “First Aid For All” aims to equip the general public with the skills and information necessary to respond to health emergencies.

MPT will be rolling out the program from November 2017 to March 2018. It will entail the publishing of 12 unique health education videos on media and social media platforms, focused on how basic first aid should be applied in situations such as the loss of consciousness, electrocution, snake bikes, heat stroke, as well as the treatment of wounds.

“In partnership with MPT, we have put together a series of informative videos for the public across various platforms covering the life saving and condition stabilizing techniques that can be performed by almost anyone in cases like the loss of consciousness and other accidents before they worsen. We need to be more prepared as a society and every individual in Myanmar should have at least a basic level of first aid knowledge as it can make a difference during crucial health situations,” said Dr. (Daw) Nang Htawn Hla, Vice President for Myanmar Red Cross Society.

This health awareness outreach is to educate members of society on handling medical emergencies, especially in the ‘golden hour’ – the first hour after a serious accident – as it is vital for victims to receive medical treatment to improve their odds of recovering. This is especially critical for responding to road accident victims and other common cases which require immediate attention.

“Through the First Aid For All campaign, more people will have the knowledge to appropriately recognize an emergency and provide basic first aid until professional help arrives. Learning first aid techniques can help many cope with emergencies and this is why we are collaborating with the Myanmar Red Cross Society to publish educational content for the public. Together, more lives can be saved and we hope that everyone will support this initiative, especially the younger generation who can benefit a lot from the initiative, by tuning in and viewing the engaging content on this important matter,” said Mr. Toshitake Amamiya, Chief Executive Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

MPT has established itself as a CSR leader with its various initiatives amongst the communities of Myanmar and prides itself on setting a strong example for social engagement. The operator has in the past engaged in various health, education, disaster relief and sustainable CSR programs. They include campaigns for providing clean and hygienic water, donating funds to hospitals as well as planting trees for a sustainable environment.

Aiming to achieve more positive impact in the next year, MPT has outlined its CSR vision, “Together for Future Generations”, which will be implemented through three main pillars:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Business Incubation

To aid in the development of each of these CSR categories, MPT is currently running and planning a number of programs in key areas, through collaboration with various institutions operating in these sectors, the details of which shall be announced in the near future.

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