MPT Uses Its Nationwide Leadership In New Initiative, “Myanmar In Our Heart”

Published 06 Apr 2018

(Yangon, 6 April 2018) This Thingyan, the nation’s leading telecommunications operator is taking Myanmar to heart. Over the next year, MPT and its employees will celebrate its core values with the “Myanmar In Our Heart” initiative, that will see more engagement with the country’s people and businesses, collaborative partnerships and nationwide CSR efforts.

MPT has more than 8,000 employees spread over 300 offices in every state and division. “Myanmar In Our Heart” is an initiative aimed at uniting this workforce at the national level to leverage MPT’s leadership position for the benefit of its customers and Myanmar’s economy and people.

“Everyone knows that MPT Moves Myanmar Forward, but this initiative will show everyone why we do it, and why MPT cares so deeply about that mission. At all levels, and within its partnerships with strong Myanmar and international brands, MPT brings meaningful differences to the people, businesses and communities who trust it to connect them with what matters most. The reason we remain the leading operator is because we care about doing what is best for Myanmar and our customers, and we want to celebrate that internal purpose with this nationwide program,” said Mr. Toshitake Amamiya, CEO of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations.

The first activity to be done under the ‘Myanmar In Our Heart’ initiative will be this Thingyan and demonstrate MPT’s dedication to using its nationwide reach to impact society in bigger ways. MPT will be giving MMK 200 million to over 60 different organisations around the country, including worthwhile causes like monastic school funding, orphanages, hospitals and more.

MPT regularly creates synergistic partnerships to connect with all Myanmar audiences especially data-hungry youth. Examples include collaborations with the Myanmar National League (MNL), the Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF), The Voice Myanmar and others that allow us to connect customers to that which deeply resonates with them. MPT will use ‘Myanmar In Our Heart’ to inspire its workforce to deliver even better collaborations for its customers, including in areas like sports, shopping and mobile gaming.

Mr. Amamiya continued; “A core operational commitment of the “Myanmar In Our Heart” initiative is that by the end of 2018, our 4G LTE+ network will be deployed in over 280 townships nationwide. With our highspeed mobile internet, more and more customers are on our 3G and 4G LTE+ networks in every state and region in the country so every team at MPT must be hard at work on new ways to enable our more than 25 million customers get the most from our services. So we will be expanding direct benefits and rewards to our most loyal customers, but also providing all with more value and services, such as mobile finance, to fit all Myanmar lifestyles.”

MPT recently held a successful nationwide clean-up campaign, indicating the type of CSR activities likely to occur in the future from the operator.

“Giving back to the country’s diverse communities in direct ways is equally important, a recent large-scale clean-up campaign led by over 6,000 participants including MPT staff and local people at 18 locations inspired us to continue similar activities with a nationwide reach.”

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