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MPT’s “Auto-Renewal 7X Htaw B” Packages Are Now Available for Any Channels

Published 21 Jun 2022

(Yangon, 21st June 2022)- MPT customers can enjoy “Auto-renewal 7X Htaw B” packages which will automatically renew when remaining Htaw B balance reaches less than 1,000 Kyat (or) expires validity package.

MPT Prepaid (Swe Thahar, Shal Pyaw, and Shwe Zagar) customers across the country can convert and multiply their main balance with this “7 times Htaw B” balance with auto renewal function and can use it flexibly for MPT-MPT Voice Call, MPT- MPT SMS and also for data with special Htaw B rates. Moreover, every MPT customers will get the Hti Pauk chance for every time Auto renew package purchase and can win up to 100 times of Htaw B balance.

Details of the package can be seen as below:

Auto Renewal 7X Htaw B BalanceValidity SubscriptionBalance Check
Direct USSDCommon USSDApp
1,107 Ks Main Balance = 7,777Ks 7X Htaw B Balance15 Days*700*1*3#*700#MPT4U App


2,207 Ks Main Balance = 15,554 Ks 7X Htaw B Balance30 Days*700*2*3#
5,517 Ks Main Balance = 38,885 Ks 7X Htaw B Balance60 Days*700*3*3#

Under this new initiative, customers can enjoy “7X Htaw B” packages with two options to suit their requirements namely “regular” and “autorenewal” packs, where they can multiply 7 times balance values with package validity of up to 60 days.

Both regular and autorenewal packs offer same 7X Htaw B balance benefits in which more saving can be made for autorenewal package users. “Htaw B” balances can be activated as many times as customers want and are not applicable for purchase of data packs, voice packs and value-added services (VAS). 7X Htaw B Balance cannot be transferred to others, but Regular 7X Htaw B packages can give as gift to others through MPT4U (or) by dialing *700# and follow the instruction. Except for the different denomination among Autorenewal Htaw B 7X packs, multiple purchase is also available, and this Htaw B balances will be merged, and validity will be updated to longest period.

MPT is always striving to keep connected among Myanmar people and is consistently working to minimize the adverse impact for people, businesses, and society, and continues to explore the ways to support its customers and enrich their digital lives.

For more information about “7X Htaw B” packages, customers can visit MPT official website and chat with MPT’s Chatbot services at MPT 4U App, Viber and official Webpage or dial 106 Call Center.

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