MPT’s CSR Initiatives in FY 2022-23 Focused on Health & Livelihood of Myanmar People Reinforcing The Commitment of “Together with the People of Myanmar”

Published 31 Mar 2023

(Yangon, 31st March 2023) _ As a leading and true local telecom operator in Myanmar, MPT is not only providing its best services to our consumers nationwide but also trying to support the community in every possible way. With the main CSR focus areas of Education, Healthcare and Business Incubation, MPT extensively provided the necessary support to people of Myanmar since 2015 including the necessary support to fight against COVID-19 pandemic where much needed places received support and local communities were benefited as MPT keep its commitment of “Together with Myanmar people”.

At the end of March 2023, MPT has supported in the education, healthcare, women empowerment, volunteering works and other activities such as providing support to MasterChef All Stars cooking competition and initiated the Dreams Come True campaign in which the passion and dreams of people in Myanmar is fulfilled to a better world and a brighter future. For whole year MPT has used total of over 1,400 million MMK in support of the need of the community and people of Myanmar. Each of MPT’s initiatives to support the people of Myanmar are as below;[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Supporting People in need together with MRCS

In July 2022, MPT donated MMK 50 million to humanitarian assistance of MRCS in early 2022 as a way of showing sympathy to people in need and 3,694 people have benefitted from it.

Donation to local community through MRCS

Donating Eye Care Equipment to Insein Myanma Railway Hospital

In September 2022, MPT has donated 4,800 $ worth Non-contact Tonometer (NCT) CT-800 to Myanma Railway Hospital (Insein) where people with eye problem can access for their medical treatments and hundreds of people have received the treatment.

Photo of Non-contact Tonometer (NCT) CT-800

MPT nationwide Tazaungdaing Donation to home for the aged, orphanages and monasteries

In November 2022, MPT had initiated MMK 55 million worth of essential food items and necessary cash to Home for the aged and other much needed places in 24 geographical locations to commemorate Tazaungdaing Festival. 2,118 people have benefitted from the donation. As a true local operator, MPT always cherish the beautiful culture and tradition of Myanmar and the activity has carried out as a way of expressing sincere gratitude to customers in especially in paying homage season like Tazaungdaing.

Photo Record of MPT nationwide Tazaungdaing Donation to homes for the aged

Blood donation @ 3 Cities

Blood donation is the necessary and fundamental to save lives and improves health of the people and therefore since 2016, MPT has started nationwide blood donation campaigns and has carried out 3 times a year in collaboration with public and other social organizations before it was halted due to the peak of COVID-19 cases in 2019. Total number of blood bags contributed for the society from 2016 to 2019 is over 10,000 and total number of participants is about 7,000.  In February 2023, 189 of blood bags are supported again to the needy and the emergency blood centers at Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay by the initiative of MPT Staffs and Volunteers.

Photo records of MPT Blood donation Day

MPT Club Donation in commemoration of Mother’s Day, Myanmar Women Day and International Women Day

MPT believe in gender equity and recognize the strength and power of women and half of MPT staff are women. Moreover, MPT recognize the contribution of women to the society and celebrates Mother’s Day, Myanmar Women Day and International Women Day with special promotion for the users in May and June 2022. From these campaigns, MPT has supported along with the users the total of MMK 7.4 million and contributed to two homes for aged naming Shwe Than Lwin and Save The Aged and People’s Health Foundation.

MPT’s donation to People Health Foundation and Home for Aged in commemoration of Mother’s Day, Myanmar Women Day and International Women Day

MPT’s commitment for Myanmar young people and let their Dreams Come True

It will be a moment of exuberance when one’s dream is realized and MPT would like to fulfill the dream of its users as much as possible. Hence, MPT held “Shwe Eain Mat” Lucky draw campaign with four categories: family, new business support (for self), contribution for community (for Myanmar society) and all eligible dreams category. From this campaign, MPT selected seven lucky winners and fulfilled dream with net amount of MMK 320 million.

Record Photos of Fulfilling the dream of lucky winners from “Shwe Eain Mat” Campaign

MasterChef All Stars Myanmar program

In November 2022, MPT supported MasterChef program as it brings opportunity for amateur cooks who dream of becoming a professional chef and making their dreams come true by showcasing their cooking skills during the competition. MPT has decided to support the program as a main sponsor as customers who have the passion for cooking learn from this show, be entertained, and have opportunities to become a professional chef

Record photos of MPT’s Support on the Selection of Best Cook for MasterChef All Star Myanmar

Myanmar Football Development Partner MPT

With an intention to encourage and promote the development of Myanmar youth football players and to encourage them to become more active through sport, MPT worked together with MNL and MMF and supported Myanmar Football Sector since 2018. MPT has supported MMK 647 million for Myanmar National League 2022 last year

MPT’s Support on Myanmar Football Sector by collaborating as Myanmar Football Development Partner

As always, MPT will continue to provide best telecom services to users across the country in its best efforts. For upcoming fiscal year starting from beginning of April, MPT committed to continue its efforts in supporting the community nationwide and dedicated to support the people in every possible way while embracing the Myanmar culture with the plan to make contribution to the local community nationwide for coming Thingyan including orphanages, home for aged, monks and nunneries schools, monastic schools, hospitals, and others local organizations

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