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MPT Commits To Keep Myanmar Connected And Continue Serving its Customers With Best Endeavors

Published 24 May 2021

As Telecommunications is the necessary tools to keep connected among Myanmar people, MPT is committed to provide, in its best endeavors that, continuous and uninterrupted services are received by its customers. We repent the disruption in telecom services for the period earlier, however, we are consistently working to minimize the adverse impact for people, businesses, and society, and continues to support that access to telecom services should be always maintained.

In order to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible, MPT has extended the validity of customers’ unconsumed data balance up to 30 additional days to cover the mobile suspension period for future usage, plus unconsumed Htaw B balances of Htaw B customers during mobile suspension period has also been replaced with Data (or) Htaw B balance for the conveniences of the customers. In addition, MPT is offering various packs such as “Kyite Yar Khaw (Anynet), Super Double Data, Data Carry Plus and Data Shal Thone” to support the daily lives of Myanmar people to get connected in any situation with their preferred data packages.

From the beginning of the mobile internet interruptions, MPT has provided several solutions to its users for the convenience communications such as providing access to the Banking/Financial Applications including MPT Pay app, Microsoft Office Application and MPT4U apps on it’s nationwide network.

MPT customers can transfer their top up balances to their families, friends and loved one without required to pay any fees as a special promotion for the conveniences of the communications among the customers during the difficult times.

To get access to the most competitive and affordable packages including mobile data offers, customers are encouraged to access MPT4U app to purchase data packs tailored to their individual needs and MPT4U app is always available over mobile internet.

MPT will continue to work for the maximization of customer’s conveniences and the most updated offers and news can be found at the MPT Website including future initiatives of MPT and the usage status of each service by mobile communication.

As a local and incumbent Telecommunications operator that has been supported Myanmar for over 130 years, MPT will continue to strive for stable communication environment and customer satisfaction.

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