MPT Further Extends Its Internet Connectivity Supports in COVID-19 Prevention, Control and Treatment Activities

Published 17 Sep 2020

During the period of COVID-19, MPT provided the necessary supports of Fiber Internet Connectivity and Auto Telephone lines of more than 60 locations for various quarantine centers, hospitals, treatment centers, schools and organizations across States and Regions, including Phaunggyi COVID-19 Treatment Center in Yangon Region since April. Recently, MPT extended its Fiber Internet provisioning to Phaunggyi COVID-19 Treatment Center in Yangon Region with altogether 3 additional lines in order to suit the increase of COVID-19 situation.

To be continued, MPT is now completed the Fiber Internet Connectivity to provide required internet access and Wi-Fi facilities at the COVID-19 Emergency Treatment Center (Thuwunna) established by Ministry of Health and Sports and Ayeyarwady Foundation in which 416 COVID-19 positive patients to be treated and 100 medical staffs and volunteers can stay in.

MPT support Myanmar People and society under this critical situation of COVID19 and since April, MPT has provided various necessary supports including donations for prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 in respective States & Regions.

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