MPT to Share the Gift of Clean Water to More Communities through Clean and Sustainable Water Program

Published 29 Jan 2019


(Yangon, 29th January 2019) Myanmar’s first and leading telecommunication operator, MPT has announced that it is teaming up with NGO partners, Network Activities Group (NAG) and Bridge Asia Japan (BAJ) to organize water projects under its “Clean and Sustainable Water Program” to address the struggles of communities in water-stressed areas by ensuring the supply of clean water and improving hygiene for everyone. For the projects which involve the drilling and construction of tube wells, 4,500 people were provided access to clean water.


Many regions in Myanmar face clean water shortages or lack proper access to reliable water supplies, an issue exacerbated by the annual onset of the hot season, which disrupts the livelihoods and living conditions of primarily rural communities. With limited access to nearby water sources, some families are forced to plan ahead to store enough for their daily usage during particularly punishing dry spells. A total of 25 tube wells and reservoir ponds have been donated and around 50,000 people from all the respective areas have access to clean water. Recognizing these factors and the prohibitive costs hindering communities from building groundwater reservoirs without any funding or support, MPT and its NGO partners are stepping up to provide their expertise and resources for the endeavor.


The drillings have already been carried out and will finish this year March in the following locations:

No. Region Township Village
1. Mandalay Myingyan Kanni / Dulabo
2 Mandalay Nyaung-U Ywapale
3 Magway Yenangyaung Thitmyinttaw
4 Magway Chauk Myaypadon
5 Sagaing Monywa Paukngetaw


Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operator of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “MPT has introduced the “Clean and Sustainable Water Program” to ensure communities gain reliable and convenient access to clean water which makes a huge difference in their lives. Together with our partners NAG and BAJ, we will continue providing the requisite assistance and expertise to enable access clean and hygienic water in a sustainable approach for the long-suffering residents of these areas, who often have to travel far just to find supplies. The availability of clean water also improves the overall hygiene and health of these communities. This contribution, with all its benefits, will positively transform the lives of many in these rural areas, in line with our Myanmar in Our Heart approach to CSR engagements.”


U Bobby, CEO of NAG said, This year marks the third time we are collaborating with MPT and BAJ to support the communities that struggle with a lack of clean water supplies. Through access to sustainable clean water project, we were able to empower and uplift their well-being and contributing to Sustainable Development Goals No. 6 which access to Clean Water and Sanitation. We have supported clean water access to 13 villages in 2017 (nearly 8,400 Households, 38,000 people) and 13 villages in 2018 (nearly 2,000 Households, 8,400 people) with MPT fund. We have been continuously following up with the Water Management Committee of the villages, whether any issues they are facing and/or any support needed. Without MPT support, we could not solve such an important issue effectively.


Ms. Akiko Mori, Country Representative for BAJ Myanmar said, “We understand how distressing it is to not have access to clean water for even simple, but no less crucial, everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, feeding livestock and much more. Once the projects being implemented with our partners are up and running, no longer do people from these areas have to travel very far for clean water, thus changing living conditions for the better. It is sustainable community projects like this that truly make a long-term impact and we are proud to be a part of this campaign.”




Following locations have benefitted from the past year tube well projects and now many people in that areas can have access safe water for their daily life.

No State/Region Township Village Population Type of project
1 Ayeyawaddy Kyaung Kone No 2, BEPS 5788 Tube Well
2 Bago (West) Pauk Khaung Nwar Lan Taung 257 Water Supply
3 Min Hla Sar Chaung Lay 350 Tube Well
4 Karin Kyar Inn Seik Kyi Alel Takon Taing 5008 Tube Well
5 Hpa-An Ban Bwe Kone 590 Reservoir Pond
6 Mandalay Kyauk Se Kauk Sauk Kone 1225 Tube Well
7 Kauk Padaung I Ma 576 Tube Well
8 Pyawbwe Chaing 463 Tube Well
9 Nyaung U Lat Pan Pin Te Su 1957 Tube Well
10 Magway Magway Ywar Haung Kan 1602 Tube Well
11 Chauk Taung Nauk

(Gway Cho)

1146 Tube Well
12 Magway Lint Myint 1450 Tube Well
13      Gangaw Pyit Ma 1006 Water Supply
14 Mon Thanphyu Zayat Pa Nga 15009 Tube Well
15 Mudon Kyaik Kar 605 Tube Well
16 Sagaing Inn Taw Malzar (Pein Inn) 378 Water Supply
17 Kalay Nat Chaung 5639 Tube Well
18 Yin Mar Pin Kyat 560 Tube Well
19 Mon Ywa Thar Yar Su 447 Tube Well
20 Yangon Kyauk Tan Thanat Pin 534 Reservoir Pond
21 Kyauk Tan Thukha Aung 270 Reservoir Pond
22 Kha Yan Bogalay 1200 Building Fence
23 Kha Yan Nyaug Pin Kyi

Tel Su

400 Reservoir Pond
24 Kun Chan Kone Kalar Pin Thaung 250 Reservoir Pond
25 Kun Chan Kone Kan Waing 334 Reservoir Pond




For more information about the tube well donations and other MPT’s CSR activities, please call 106 or visit MPT’s official website at and MPT’s official Facebook page, .

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