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Notification About Price Changes In Services and Promotional Packages

Published 03 Dec 2021

(Yangon, 3rd December 2021)- MPT would like to sincerely notify that following the recent regulation from the Posts and Telecommunication Department (PTD), there will be changes of prices for our voice and data packages and some might be temporally suspended.

The existing services and promotional packages already purchased will be available without any changes till the validity date or the available quota is reached.

MPT would like to request for kind understanding for the change has to be made based on the PTD and inconveniences caused to our customers and is always striving to provide the necessary communications to Myanmar people and fulfil the diverse needs with the collective efforts by working together under its slogan of “အတူလက်တွဲအမြဲရှိမည် MPT”(English translation: MPT- Holding Hands Together With Myanmar People).

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