SIM Cards Users Who Received SMS Notification From Their Operators Need To Update Their Identifications Within 30 Days

Published 16 Mar 2023

(Yangon, 16th March 2023) SIM cards users who received SMS notification from their operator need to update their identifications and re-register their SIM cards with correct information as mandated by Posts and Telecommunications Department, Ministry of Transport and Communications. SIM re-registration can safeguard digital and physical security, and users can safely use mobile financial services and be protected from fraudulent activities.
All SIM card users in Myanmar are required to register SIM cards using their full name, correct Citizenship Scrutiny Card (National Registration Card, NRC) number with clear and correct front and back color photos for the activation of the SIM card. With the announcement of the Posts and Telecommunications Department, SIM cards information were checked with national database of the Ministry of Immigration and Population and those with incomplete and incorrect information will experience service interruption [outgoing calls, outgoing text messages (SMS) and data services] if re-registration with correct information is not completed within (30) days of receiving the notification messages (SMS), and the SIM service will be entirely discontinued if the user still not have updated with the right information in another 90 days since one-way block period.
Everyone is connected to their families and loved ones with their mobile numbers, and it is important not to lose the connection and individual SIMs. Customers who need to update the re-registration information will be notified via SMS from their respective operator. All SIM card users who received the SMS notifications are encouraged to update their identification and re-register their SIM cards by the target date to avoid service interruption.
SIM registration applies to all SIM cards sold at the market and all operators are required to follow by the regulations of Posts and Telecommunications Department for any sales of SIM cards. SIM

card users are encouraged to register SIM with correct information for any purchase they made at the respective point of sales.
SIM card users can check their current registered ID by dialing *601# for Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), *766# (or) *979*3*3# for ATOM, *666# for Ooredoo and *96662# for Mytel. SIM cards users can also check their information on the SIM registration by using the operator Application (or) official website (or) at the respective own store.

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