Winners Of Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2019 Signed MOA For Their Way To Successful Businesses

Published 02 Mar 2019

(Yangon – 01 March 2019) –  3 winning teams of the recently concluded Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2019, a collaborative effort between MPT, the country’s leading telecom operator and MCF, Myanmar’s apex ICT federation, have already taken their first crucial steps into the exciting and dynamic world of ICT business and next step to pursue their dreams is now officially started.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) and awarding of prizes ceremony is slated on 01 March 2019 at the Kanaung Hub, Block 14, MICT Park, Yangon.  As part of their prizes, they each will receive a seed capital of Ks 8 million and a 6-month rent free working space at MCF’s tech business incubation center, Kanaung Hub.  Consultation and mentoring with members of MCF and Myanmar Computer Professionals Association and Myanmar Computer Industry Association, including experienced entrepreneurs and founders of successful startups will also be accessible to the teams for business and technical related issues.

The proponents of the program, MPT and MCF, are positive that the winning teams will become key players which can compete in the existing market with their brilliant project proposal now being transformed into reality.

The winning teams and runners-up and their business models are as follows :

Team Idea Capsule presented an online lottery platform named Lottery Palace and it has a lot of interesting review throughout of testing period. Many lottery tickets has been sold and even got 6 winners in that testing period. Another winning team WMM presented their project named Waste Managing Machine (WMM). It is a waste managing machine that carried out for environmental support objectives and can immediately apply in current urban development functions. Also, people who use this machine for their trash can get telephone top-up money as refund since this matching is supporting systematic waste managing habits. Team Blue Frog efforts to learn Ethnic Languages by using LEL (Learning Ethic Languages) App which is developed by AR/VR technology and makes people closer. This app attempts that users are able to learn the cultures, languages and knowledge of Ethnic people starting with Kayin language.

Mr. Yoshiaki Benino, Chief Operating Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said, “Each product proposals of the winning teams addresses interesting aspects of our lives that technology can now address practical, intuitive and essential to our daily lives. We are positive about the viability of their products in the market, but more than that, the impact it will have in our society, to make our lives better as individual, and the nation as a whole.”

For its part, U Min Zeyar Hlaing, President of Myanmar Computer Federation stressed that, “Our youths are brimming with ideas and they are also a techno-savvy generation.  If we provide them with an avenue to show us their thoughts, and we couple that with technical and financial support, there is no telling how far their vision will take them.” He further added this information : “We have already started the process of registering their business names so that it gives them pride and fuel for their desire to excel to the next level, that of a professional businesspersons.”

Winning team leaders all expressed gratitude and appreciation for being chosen as one of the winners.  They also beamed with pride when sharing the benefits of their products.

 Ko Myat Lin Thu who is the leader of winning team Idea Capsule said,” Our project idea was started from a lottery seller who is rolling his mobile shop on the street and then we made our idea alive. Now this App has over 700 users and got 6 winners since preparation period. We are now starting some research about Mandalay Market since entering into MDY market is one of our top priority.”

Ko Saw Le Ya Gaw who is the leader of winning team Blue Frog said,” Currently on our App, we are continuously working on Kayin Language which is on processing by AR/VR technologies. It now covers many percentages of everyday usages. As the next step, Shan and Yakhine languages will be soon. We are also in search of this Application ranges and will be useful for every ethnic groups.”

Ma Nang Sabei Phyu who is one member of winning team WMM said,” We are currently on the research of what public needs and barriers that may come using our machine. Actually it is about people’s everyday needs but the challenges are machine’s operation systems. We are planning to do much feasible check before it launches. The first steps of our action will be on high footfall areas”

As a high socially responsive organisation, MPT is keep focusing on the development of younger generations in every areas which it worked on and also the big step of the objectives among various actions. This Technopreneurship Development program is one of the key pillars of MPT’s focused area in which entrepreneurs from technical field are trained and developed to support the conveniences of the lives of the everyday people in Myanmar.

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