Advance Payment Promotion

MPT’s Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet bill can be paid in advance for 3 or 6 or 12months via MPT PAY, at MPT Branded shop, MPT TRAs or Post Office, via Banking.

*Bandwidth upgrade promotion until end of Dec 22
*All FTTH users who join MPT until May 22 are eligible.

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Advance Payment Details Benefit

Monthly Price
Advanced Payment
Discounted monthly Price

Discount amount per month

Total Discount amount
Class A 110Mbps120,0003 Months110,00010,00030,000
6 Months108,00012,00072,000
12 Months102,00018,000216,000
Class B 60Mbps759993 Months70,0006,00018,000
6 Months68,0008,00048,000
12 Months65,00011,000132,000
Class C 30Mbps429993 Months39,0004,00012,000
6 Months38,0005,00030,000
12 Months36,0007,00084,000
Class D 22Mbps319993 Months29,0003,0009,000
6 Months28,0004,00024,000
12 Months27,0005,00060,000

How much customers need to pay to apply advance payment promotion?

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(1) Please find SMS about Advance Payment Promotion with sender name “MPT”, you can find the exact amount amount to make payment.

(2) Before applying Advance Payment promotion, need to clear overdue outstanding bill (not only invoice issued in last month and before,
but also 1st MRC & Ad-hoc OTI).

*Overdue outstanding bill = The bill which is supposed to be paid by the end of the previous month. MPT FTTH service is prepaid service, MPT collects monthly payment one month in advance before customer starts to use it. (For example, early December, MPT issues January FTTH usage bill and due date is end of December.)

SpeedPaymentTariffCase 1: Clear All BillsCase 2: Have Unpaid BillsDiscount
22 MbpsMonthly32,000
3 Months29,00055,00087,0009,000
6 Months28,000136,000168,00024,000
12 Months27,000292,000324,00060,000
30 MbpsMonthly43,000
3 Months39,00074,000117,00012,000
6 Months38,000185,000228,00030,000
12 Months36,000389,000432,00084,000
60 MbpsMonthly76,000
3 Months70,000134,000210,00018,000
6 Months68,000332,000408,00048,000
12 Months65,000704,000780,000132,000
110 MbpsMonthly120,000
3 Months110,000210,000330,00030,000
6 Months108,000528,000648,00072,000
12 Months102,0001,104,0001,224,000216,000

Case1: Not paid for invoice issued in this month (for next month service)

Case2: Already paid for invoice issued in this month (for next month service)

Advance payment can make via MPT PAY

How To Register

How to Cash-in to Mpt Pay

MPT Bill Payment

Download MPT PAY

MPT Pay is the most trusted digital money service to let customers send and receive money, top-up their mobiles and perform payments at the merchant using mobile phone instantly anytime, anywhere in Myanmar.

* Any Telco users able to use MPT Pay service

mpt partner
mpt partner

Advance Payment Can Make at MPT Branded Shop & TRAs

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, please contact in advance with the nearest TRA shop’s contact phone number before you going to make advance payment at there.

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Advance Payment Can Make via Bank Channels


Any KBZ bank branch over the counter and through mobile banking KBZ mobile banking user guide, please


Any AYA bank branch over the counter and through mobile banking
AYA mobile banking user guide, please


Any CB bank branch over the counter and through mobile banking
CB mobile banking user guide, please

Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Question

1. . What is Advance payment promotion for Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet? Who is applicable for this promotion?

All Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet customers, who (already paid 1st MRC or not yet paid), who can enjoy the following discount amounts as stated in table.

Applicable for Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet Subscribers who are using Normal Tariff [Class A 110Mbps, Class B 60Mbps, Class C 30Mbps and Class D 22Mbps].

Tariff Monthly Price Advanced Payment Discounted monthly Price Discount amount per month

Total Discount amount
Class A 110Mbps 120,000 3 Months 110,000 10,000 30,000
6 Months 108,000 12,000 72,000
12 Months 102,000 18,000 216,000
Class B 60Mbps 75999 3 Months 70,000 6,000 18,000
6 Months 68,000 8,000 48,000
12 Months 65,000 11,000 132,000
Class C 30Mbps 42999 3 Months 39,000 4,000 12,000
6 Months 38,000 5,000 30,000
12 Months 36,000 7,000 84,000
Class D 22Mbps 31999 3 Months 29,000 3,000 9,000
6 Months 28,000 4,000 24,000
12 Months 27,000 5,000 60,000

2. Where can enjoy this promotion?

All FTTH available townships.

3. How can make payment for FTTH Advance?

Customers can make payment at all existing MPT FTTH channels.

For details, please call to 2800 or 018652800.

4. Is there any timeline to make payment?

Customer should make payment not later than 27th of every month (24th for February).

5. If customer request to terminate the internet service during advance payment period, can get refund money?

MPT will not refund any advance payment for any reason including early termination by Customer within Discount Period.

6. When can customer extends the advance payment promotion?

Customer can extend the advance payment not later than 27th of the last month of such Discount Period. Customer can make advance payment with next 1st month invoice.

7. Within the Discount Period, can customer make a service change request including bandwidth upgrading or downgrading, or relocation or temporary suspension?

During the applicable discount period, the Speed (service plan) chosen by the Customer cannot be bandwidth downgraded. If Customer requests to change bandwidth upgrade, MPT promotion shall stop immediately, and Customer shall not be allowed for any refund.  VoIP application can be accepted without discount. Relocation request from customer can only be accepted if the new location is feasible, at MPT’s sole assessment and discretion. Temporary suspension within the applicable discount period (i.e. the advance payment period) of such Speed (service plan) may be accepted by MPT, but the applicable discount period shall continue to apply without any interruption or postponement.

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