Day Tha Kyite Special Promotion for Specific Region

Special benefit for Customers who received the promotion SMS!

MPT has introduced the “Day Tha Kyite” Promotion for the MPT customers who would like to enjoy Special mobile service privilege. You can purchase the Promotion packs of Data Carry Plus Auto Renewal via any channels. (After received promotion SMS)

Promotion Package Information


Bonus Information

  • Promo SMS is sent to limited users and only those users can enjoy promo bonus within promotion period.
  • The eligible customers can enjoy bonus just for one time based on which promo pack they have purchased for the first time.

Promotion Township Information

Ayeyarwady RegionBogale
Ayeyarwady RegionDedaye
Ayeyarwady RegionHinthada
Ayeyarwady RegionIngapu
Ayeyarwady RegionKyangin
Ayeyarwady RegionLemyethna
Ayeyarwady RegionMaubin
Ayeyarwady RegionMyaungmya
Ayeyarwady RegionPathein
Ayeyarwady RegionYegyi
Bago Region (East)Bago
Bago Region (East)Daik-U
Bago Region (West)Gyobingauk
Bago Region (West)Letpadan
Bago Region (West)Monyo
Bago Region (West)Nattalin
Bago Region (West)Okpho
Bago Region (West)Paungde
Kachin StateMyitkyina
Kachin StateWaingmaw
Mandalay RegionAmarapura
Mandalay RegionAungmyaythazan
Mandalay RegionChanmyathazi
Mandalay RegionKyaukpadaung
Mandalay RegionMeiktila
Mandalay RegionMyittha
Mandalay RegionNyaung-U
Mandalay RegionPatheingyi
Mandalay RegionPyigyitagon
Mandalay RegionSintgaing
Mon StateMawlamyine
Mon StateMudon
Shan State (East)Kengtung
Shan State (East)Monghpyak
Shan State (East)Monghsat
Shan State (East)Mongkhet
Shan State (East)Mongping
Shan State (East)Mongyawng
Shan State (East)Tachileik
Shan State (North)Lashio
Shan State (South)Hopong
Shan State (South)Kalaw
Shan State (South)Langkho
Shan State (South)Loilen
Shan State (South)Nansang
Shan State (South)Pindaya
Shan State (South)Taunggyi
Shan State (South)Ywangan
Tanintharyi RegionMyeik
Yangon RegionDagon Myothit (East)
Yangon RegionDagon Myothit (Seikkan)
Yangon RegionDagon Myothit (South)
Yangon RegionDala
Yangon RegionHlaingtharya
Yangon RegionHlegu
Yangon RegionHmawbi
Yangon RegionHtantabin
Yangon RegionInsein
Yangon RegionKawhmu
Yangon RegionKungyangon
Yangon RegionKyauktan
Yangon RegionMingaladon
Yangon RegionNorth Okkalapa
Yangon RegionSeikgyikanaungto
Yangon RegionShwepyithar
Yangon RegionTaikkyi
Yangon RegionThanlyin
Yangon RegionThongwa
Yangon RegionTwantay
Rakhine StateAnn
Rakhine StateGwa
Rakhine StateKyaukpyu
Rakhine StateKyauktaw
Rakhine StateMaungdaw
Rakhine StateMinbya
Rakhine StateMrauk-U
Rakhine StateMunaung
Rakhine StateMyebon
Rakhine StatePauktaw
Rakhine StatePonnagyun
Rakhine StateRamree
Rakhine StateRathedaung
Rakhine StateSittwe
Rakhine StateThandwe
Rakhine StateToungup
Bago Region (West)Zigon
Kachin StateTanai
Yangon RegionBahan
Yangon RegionBotahtaung
Yangon RegionHlaing
Yangon RegionKyeemyindaing
Yangon RegionPabedan
Yangon RegionSanchaung
Yangon RegionTamwe
Kayin StateHpa-An
Kachin StatePuta-O
Mandalay RegionChanayethazan
Mandalay RegionMahaaungmyay
Mandalay RegionMahlaing
Mandalay RegionPyinoolwin
Shan State (East)Mongla
Shan State (East)Mongton
Shan State (East)Mongyang
Yangon RegionAhlone
Yangon RegionDagon
Yangon RegionDagon Myothit (North)
Yangon RegionDawbon
Yangon RegionKamaryut
Yangon RegionKyauktada
Yangon RegionLanmadaw
Yangon RegionLatha
Yangon RegionMayangone
Yangon RegionMingalartaungnyunt
Yangon RegionPazundaung
Yangon RegionSouth Okkalapa
Yangon RegionThaketa
Yangon RegionThingangyun
Yangon RegionYankin
Ayeyarwady RegionDanubyu
Ayeyarwady RegionMawlamyinegyun
Ayeyarwady RegionMyanaung
Ayeyarwady RegionZalun
Bago Region (West)Padaung
Bago Region (West)Pyay
Bago Region (West)Shwedaung

Promotion Period – (9) Aug to (30) Sept 2023

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