What is e-invoice on MPT4U?

MPT4U application is available to get invoice information for your MPT’s postpaid services. All monthly bill payment customers; Postpaid (PSTN, ADSL, GSM, CDMA, IP Star) and FTTH can register for an E-invoice on MPT4U application through login with MPT GSM numbers.


What is the benefit of E-invoice on MPT4U?

Customers can check the invoice and payment information for the latest 6 months by digital way. Customer can receive the invoices on time each month and much earlier than traditional paper invoices Reducing paper usage will help to save the trees, reduce energy and environmental waste.

What is required to register?

Please enter the following information in registration page,
– Service Type
– Service Number
– Account Code
(Remark: If you want to inquiry for Service type/Service number/Account code , you can check at monthly paper invoice or please contact to MPT TRA offices.)

E-invoice User Manual Guide

How to register e-invoice on MPT4U?

From the “Other Bills” menu located on MPT4U Home menu and Service menu, you can register for your monthly invoices.


Terms and Conditions

1. By registering with the MPT4U mobile application (“MPT4U”) to access the E-invoice service, the subscriber verifies that the information provided
in MPT4U is accurate, that he/she has been already obtained the necessary consents (when the subscriber entries the information of other
person and the information of service(s) obtained by that other person), and that he/she is responsible for incorrect information and/or providing
the information without the express consents of that other person.
2. This E-invoice service shall only apply to the services such as PSTN, ADSL, IP star, FTTH and Mobile that are subscribed with postpaid basis. After
registering the foregoing services in the MPT4U, the E-invoice service can be accessible.
3. In one MPT4U account, the services mentioned in the clause 2 above can be registered without limitation. However, any service number of the
foregoing services listed on the MPT4U account cannot be registered with any other MPT4U account.
4. After registering each of the services mentioned in in the clause 2 above, the subscriber can find the billing information for the last six months
of each service. The billing information is not supported in PDF file.
5. MPT may, at its sole discretion, modify or terminate the E-invoice service at any time without prior notice to the subscriber/customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to make payment with e-invoice?

You can make payment in the same way as at the nearest MPT payment counters, post office, KBZ/CB (Mobile Banking/Internet Banking) and other MPT cash collection agents

2. I received SMS notification message of e-invoice registration for my service number, but it is not me. How do I do?

Inform to 106 and then MPT PIC contact back to you after checking with that MPT4U user.

3. How do I register if my service number is fail to register since the service number was registered by another MPT4U account?

Inform to 106 and register e-invoice on your MPT4U account after MPT PIC contact you.

4. Can we remove the registered service from MPT4U?

MPT4U user can remove the registered additional services by clicking the “ Recycle bin - Free miscellaneous icons ” button on each service after registered for e-invoice on MPT4U.

5. Where can I get MPT4U application?

You can directly download MPT4U App with no data charges by Lo Ta Ya.

You can also download the app from Google Play Store or App Store, but standard data charges apply.

Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/2z4ZhrJ

Apple Store: http://apple.co/2yNZJWY

Lo Ta Ya – http://lotayamm.com

Direct download link – Click Here

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