FAQ- MPT Point Redemption Package

1. What are the MPT Point redemption Packages?

MPT offer different service packages (Voice, Data, SMS and Cash) which can be redeemed with your accumulated MPT Points.

For Example – With 249 MPT Points, customer can redeem one of these services –      300 MB Data (or) 3,000 On-net SMS (or) 160Kyats Balance.

The service/redemption package validity is 30Days form the redemption date.

Point Mins MB SMS Balance
69 10 40 200 40
119 20 100 1000 80
249 60 300 3000 160
369 100 500 5000 260
499 160 800 8000 350
999 400 2000 20000 720

Note – Voice means On-net voice mins.

SMS means On-net SMS.

Balance can be used for On-net Voice & SMS, Data.

All package prices are inclusive of commercial Tax.

Eligibilities for each service packages per types.

Pack type GSM/WCDMA CDMA GSM “Base” tariff
Voice Y X Y
Data Y X X
Airtime Y Y Y

Customer can redeem with 499 points for IDD subscription fee to all MPT Club member level and IDD call will be deducted from main balance depends on calling country wise.

2. Can I redeem more than one package in one calendar day?

You redeem buy multiple times in a day.

3. How it will be charged when I make off-net (MPT to other operator) call while I activating MPT point redemption Package ( Voice or Balance)?

A. For off net calls, it will be charged as per original price plan.

B. All MPT service redemption package can be used for below services.

Type type On-net (including MPT mobiles, MPT fixed lines) Off-net (including Ooredoo/Telenor/MEC)
Voice X
IDD Voice X X
Paid call center lines (e.g. 1876) X X
Purchase and use of VAS including CRBT, Call Forwarding, etc. X X
International SMS X X
Packages (Data) X X

4. I dial valid USSD Code. But I cannot purchase MPT point redemption Why?

  • If you have enough points, you cannot redeem MPT Club point redemption Packages.
  • If your account is inactive (one-way blocked or two-way blocked), you cannot redeem MPT Club point redemption Packages.
  • Please recharge to reactivate your number and try again.

MPT Club Membership program

1. What is MPT Club Member Program?

MPT Club member program is a new promoted program of MPT Club which will give more benefits to MPT Club member.

2. How long do I get the benefits upon my current member level?

You can get the benefit upon your member level till 3 months.

3. How long do I need to wait to reach next member level?

If you have reach to next member level average usage amount customer can jump in next month immediately. Member level can be change monthly base on your usage criteria.

4. How about I can’t maintain current member level usage, will it be change immediately?

Although you can’t maintain current member level usage you can still have a chance to enjoy the current member level benefit till next 3 months.

5. What is the Crown, Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver?

Crown, Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver is the member level of MPT Club member Program. Customer will get the benefits upon current member level respectively.

6. What is the validity of each member level?

The validity of each membership is 3 months. And, you will receive member level notification SMS if you have any changes in your progress of member status in every 1days of the month.

7. What is the meaning of each member level?

The meaning of each member level is as per below table. Every calculating member level will be base on 3 months average usage and MPT SIM card life.

Tier Name Usage Range Point Rate
Diamond Crown Over 30,000 MMK or Diamond usage with Over 1 year MPT sim card) 2.00%
Diamond Over 30,000 MMK or Platinum usage with over 1 year MPT sim card 1.50%
Platinum 10,000 – 29,999 MMK or Gold usage with over 1 year MPT sim card 1.00%
Member -> Gold 5,000 – 9,999 MMK or silver usage with over 1 year MPT sim card 1.00%
Member -> Silver 0 – 4,999 MMK 0.50%

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