MPT Club members can get discounts or promotions from our Lucky5 partners on the 5th, 15th, 25th days of every month or the specific days.

Kanebo is the leading producer of high quality cosmetics and skin care headquarter in Tokyo Japan .

  • Promotion Period – 25thJuly 2022 – 25th July 2024
  • Promotion Days – 5th ,15th 25th (Every month of 5th relative day)
  • Promotion Mechanism – 10% off of every item
  • Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Crown

More about Kanebo Myanmar

How to enjoy promotion

1) Enter to MPT Club page via MPT4U
2) Click Freebie
3) Choose the partners from Lucky 5 Tab
4) Click “Get promotion” to get the promotion
5) Show the order successful message from Lucky 5 order of My Club.

Available Outlet Address

1) KER

No.65B, GabarayePagoda Road, MayangoneTownship, Yangon (Near Chaw Twin Gone Junction, KER Residence)

Ph : 09 43067536

2) Junction City Counter

C02-C013, 1stFloor, LatharTownship, Yangon

Ph: 09 421065197

3) Terminal M Counter

KaneboShowroom, G-05(Ground Floor), MingalardonTownship, Yangon

Ph: 09 764504168

4) Myanmar Plaza Counter

KaneboShowroom, K-01(Ground Floor), BahanTownship, Yangon

Ph: 09 975998463

5) YuzanaPlaza Counter

OS 7, MB2 (2rdFloor), MingalarTaungNyuntTownship, Yangon

Ph: 09 966723299

6) Super One

No.65, KyaikKa San Road, TawmweTownship, Yangon

Ph : 09 420102314

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