Workout with Wint

MPT Club members can get discounts or promotions from our Lucky5 partners on the 5th, 15th, 25th days of every month or the specific days.

Workout with Wint Challenge Program

  • 2 week shred challenge
  • 8 Weeks Get In Shape Challenge
  • 6 Weeks Tighten Your Cores + Pelvic Floor challenge
  • 28 Days Kick Start challenge
  • 8 Weeks Level Up Challenge
  • 2 Weeks Get Lean & Tone Challenge


  • Promotion Period – 25th September 2022 – 24th September  2023
  • Promotion Days – 5th, 15th, 25th of every month
  • Contact Number – 09771722656

More about Workout with Wint


Youtube: Workout with Wint – YouTube     

Special benefit from Workout with Wint

For all MPT Club Members

5% discount on all challenge package.

Challenge NamePrice5 % Off
2 Weeks Shred Challenge89008450
8 Weeks Get In Shape Challenge2580024500
6 Weeks Tighten Your Cores + Pelvic Floor2500023750
28 Days Kickstart Challenge1290012250
8 Weeks Level Up Challenge2580024500
2 Weeks Get Lean & Toned Challenge89008450

How to enjoy promotion

  1. Dial *345*1# and Call (OR) Go to MPT4U App, get MPT Club Member Level.
  2. Show MPT Club Member Level screenshot to Workout with Wint page messenger.

For download the App :

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Google PlayStore:

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