Koung Mon

MPT Club members can earn MPT points by using our points partner’s products or services, and redeem with MPT points for our points partner’s products or services.

mpt partner

Koung Mon Center is the one-stop-shop for the most reliable and comprehensive range of products with reasonable prices in Magway.

  • Promotion Days – Every day

Redemption Items

1,000 points = 1,000 Kyats Voucher

3,000 points = 3,000 Kyats Voucher

5,000 points = 5,000 Kyats Voucher

8,000 points = 8,000 Kyats Voucher

10,000 points = 10,000 Kyats Voucher

Point provision rate of Koung Mon Center to all MPT Club Members is (1%).

For example:   1,000 Kyats = 10 points

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