O Sushi

MPT Club members can earn MPT points by using our points partner’s products or services, and redeem with MPT points for our points partner’s products or services.

O Sushi offers fresh and delicious sushi and Japanese dishes in a traditional Japanese style.Customers are always satisfied since the menu is created from fresh and high-quality ingredients.

  • Promotion Period – 20 September 2022 – 20 September 2023
  • Promotion Days – Everyday
  • Contact Number – 09-756048502, 09-766001557

More about O Sushi  – https://www.facebook.com/OSushiTamwe/

Redemption Items

Corn Salad Gunkan, 1400 Points

Seaweed Salad Gunkan, 1400 Points

Tuna Salad Gunkan,1700 Points

Crab Salad Gunkan, 1700  Points

Crab Cheese Maki, 3300 Points

Vegetable Maki, 3300 Points

Tamago Maki, 3300 Points

Ebiko Gunkan, 3300 Points

Chicken Tariyaki Maki, 4400 Points

California Maki, 5000 Points

Crab Mwat Salad Maki, 5000 Points

Kani Tuna Maki, 5200 Points

Point provision rate of “O Sushi” to all MPT Club Members is (0.5%).

For example:  1,000 Kyats = 5 points

O Sushi

O Sushi (Tamwe Branch)

No.44, Thamainbaran Street, Corner of Dhama Wi Ha Ra Street, Tamwe Township, Yangon, Myanmar


O Sushi (Parami Branch)

No.13, Parami Road, Between Insein and Baho Road, Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar


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