Yin Thway

MPT Club members can get discounts or promotions from our partners every day.

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YinThway Medical Call Centre is a hospital-based 24/7 medical Call Center service specialized in Pediatric Healthcare. You can consult with YinThway Call Center anytime, 24 hours and 7 days, with many pediatric specialists.

When you are calling to YinThway Call Center, you need to provide name, address, MPT phone number, and MPT Club Member Level to get the following discounts. The discounts are:

  • 3-months membership + 1 month extra
  • 6-months membership + 2 months extra
  • 9-months membership + 3 months extra
  • 12-months membership + 4 months extra

How to enjoy promotion

  1. Dial *345*1# and Call (OR) Go to MPT4U App, get MPT Club Member Level
  2. Show MPT Club Member Level, phone number to YinThway Call Center to enjoy discount
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